Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My "Angel Voices 2012" Japan Commemorative Album

Libera's "Angel Voices 2012" Japan Commemorative Album was released in Japan last Wednesday, March 14. Well, the next day at 9 am a delivery came to our house. We weren't home, so my mom signed a sticker left on the window, and we got it the next day. It was the CD! I can't believe how fast things get delivered from Japan! :D

So here's the details. We already knew the song list and are guessing that it will also be the song list for the Singapore and Tokyo concerts. The songs all seem to be about hope and healing and recovery, like they're meant to be a gift to Japan after last year's earthquake and tsunami. It's very nice.

I'm also guessing that the CD's will be for sale, at least at the Tokyo concerts. Perfect for getting signed at a Meet & Greet! :D

I love the blue!!! :D

The songs were all previously released on other CD's. But a lot of people go to a Libera concert, and, especially after hearing Libera, want to take a CD home to remember them. Most new fans won't notice if the soloists are different. But you and I will! So it'll be fun to see who ends up getting the solos at the concerts!

1.   Jubilate Deo - solo: Jakob De Menezes-Wood
2.   Libera - solo: Liam Connery
3.   Song of Life - solo: Ralph Skan
4.   Sanctissima - solo: Benedict Philipp
5.   Sanctus - solos: Tom Cully, Ed Day, Sam Leggett
6.   I Vow To Thee My Country - solo: Ed Day, Josh Madine
7.   Eternal Light - solo: Stefan Leadbeater, Ralph Skan (it says James Threadgill, but that's wrong)
8.   Salva Me - solo: Joe Snelling
9.   Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep - solo: Tom Cully
10. Exsultate - solo: Benedict Philipp
11. Orinoco Flow
12. Gloria
13. The Fountain - (it isn't printed, but solo: Ralph Skan)
14. Stay With Me - solo: Ed Day
15. Ave Verum
16. Far Away - solo: Tom Cully
17. How Shall I Sing That Majesty? - solo: Stefan Leadbeater

The main booklet inside has a message from Robert Prizeman, the song list, and the lyrics to each song in English and Japanese.

From the earliest days, Japan has supported Libera. Over
many years the warmth and enthusiasm of our Japanese
followers has given us encouragement and inspiration. So
our dream to take the sounds of the boys' voices to a wider
audience has been realised across the world thanks, in so
many ways, to the special relationship between Libera and
Japan. Thank you!        ~Robert Prizeman

The booklet has pictures of the boys talking, which we've seen before, but I don't remember this one!

Rare black robes!

Also folded up inside the jewel case is a big poster that's about 18" x 23" or 46.5 x 58 cm with messages from the boys.

18 boys and 3 of the older guys who work for Libera now (Steven Geraghty, Sam Coates and Ben Crawley) wrote messages that are translated into Japanese. I like that it's in each boy's own handwriting! Here's what they wrote. Daniel's and Liam's are so funny!!! :D

I'm really excited about going to Japan because I can't wait to
meet all the fans! I really love the Japanese noodles but I'm
not sure about the sushi yet!   ~Jude Collins

Japan is epic! I have only been once but it was probably the best
place I've ever been to all my life and I love sushi.  ~Luke Collins

Going on the bullet train was exciting because it took so little to
travel so far. Also, the view that you could get from it was incredible.
Mount Fuji is an extrememly beautiful natural landmark.  ~Ralph Skan

Performing in Japan is a real honour, and it has been an important
part of my life. The people always welcome us and we can't wait
to come back. But the biggest surprise about Japan is the toilets...
who knew they had such personalities.  ~Daniel

I have many fond memories of my time in Japan - a personal
favourite would be the night we went to the Ninja bar. We ate
traditional Japanese food and socialised with some ninjas!  ~Liam

I was really looking forward to going to Japan for the first time,
because I was keen to go on the bullet train. Now I have done it
and I have learnt to love Japan.  ~Alex

Japan is a special place because they invented origami. And now
I am an origami addict!! I can't wait to go back.  ~Cassius

I'm really excited about going to Japan as I have been
learning Japanese at school so it would be fun to be
the official translator for the tour!  ~Barney

This will be my first time in Japan and I'm really looking forward
to it. I've heard lots about Japan from the other Libera boys.  ~Dylan

Looking down the glass at the top of Tokyo Tower was an
amazing experience and one of the highlights of my trip
because I could see the whole of Japan.  ~Stefan

I am one of the lucky ones to have been on the very first tour to
Japan and I will always remember how excited we all were.
Every visit since has never lost that buzz!  ~Steven (Hamm)

There's not a single time that I have returned to Japan when I haven't
been astounded by the overwhelming warmth kindness and generocity
 of the Japanese people. Thanks for welcoming us back again!  ~Sam

The first time we went to Japan there was blossom on the trees
and it was beautiful. When we returned to Japan a year later
we sang a song called "Sakura."  ~Ben

Singing in a new country is always exciting. Only one country's
beauty and wonder has ever exceeded my imaginative speculations.
That place is Japan.  ~Sammy M.

My first tour was in 2008 and no place better to begin was Japan.
Japan was a new world to me, the new food and technology
dazzled my brain. You're amazing!  ~Carlos

Sumo wrestlers are cool, and I am really looking forward to
Japan!!! I've heard loads about Japan from the other boys.  ~Eoghan

I'm looking forward to returning to Japan. I have such lovely
memories such as the Tokyo Tower and meeting all the fans!
Such lovely food too!  ~Kav

I am looking forward to going to Japan because I like the culture
and I want to try some sushi if I ever get the chance!  ~Isaac

Japan is a wonderful place and I can't wait to visit again! Last time
I saw Ponyo and I want to get some Ponyo toys!  ~Matthew R.A.

I always look forward to going to Japan because of how polite
everyone is, this is very different to how people are in London!  ~JB

I have heard lots of exciting things about Japan but still don't know
what to expect! But it is certain to be a great time.  ~Matthew J

And now we know why they sat the way they did for this picture! No one wants the CD holder circle thingy on their face! :D


  1. hi lexi! been ages since i dropped by your blog...i've been quite busy with my home-based job, trying to catch some deadlines (housechores & home-based jobs don't go together! hah hah) anyways, thanks again for sharing this - it's wonderful to see all their handwritings - i like that of cassius (well, he's a favorite, heh heh) and of course all of them! robert prizeman's message was touching. i'm sure they'll all be having a wonderful time in japan & singapore. well, philippines is just a few hours away so i'm hoping for a "miracle" for them to hold a one-night concert. thank you so much again. i wish i could also get hold of that CD package. well, i'll try asking around. my best regards to your mom.

  2. I'm so happy for you, I cant wait to get my own CD! Such lovely messages from the boys, I find it so touching to read. :) Thank you for sharing!!