Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Video of Libera at Starkey Gala 2011

Can you believe it's been over a year since Libera was in the US? And their first stop in 2011 was the Starkey Hearing Foundation Gala. I wrote about it here with more pictures here. Starkey's web site has a page for the Gala, and Libera's picture is part of the slideshow ~ see above! :D

There's also a video with highlights of the Gala. Libera can be seen at 1:20 singing Exultate and at 3:23 singing back-up for John Rich! Thank you so much to Jimmy Riddle for finding this! :D

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Libera's Blog - Jersey & Guernsey Part 2

So part 2 of Mr. Raring-to-go's blog is up! I love this kid...whoever he is! You can read it here.

I can just imagine how messy their rooms get with 8 people in them. It reminds me of summer camp. Sure you're gonna have a few neat people, but that's more than made up for by the people whose suitcases explode when they hit the floor. lol.

Great word alert - spiffing! I think it means splendid. Or posh! Nice they could stay in a spiffing, posh hotel! :D

Guernsey concert

When talking about the first Guernsey concert at St. James's, our writer says, "it was very nice to sing in, and I sounded fantastic, if I say so myself." lol.

Michael playing Hide & Seek

Isaac & Jakob playing chess while Adrian, Matthew R-A & Henry watch.

Matthew R-A, Ben & Matthew M on the gladiator thingies. :D

They played so many games. Let's see...I know what hide & seek is, but what is 40-40 home? Maybe another hiding game? Chess (is that Isaac playing against Jakob?!), croquet, bowling with bumpers, gladiator bouncy castles, archery, football (yay Kavana's team!), and tonswater games (I guess Cassius won the disease game)!

Jude doing archery

7-on-7 football - looks like Michael, Lucas, Matthew M & Henry

Ben & Eoghan, not sure on the first 2

So now I think the boys have a few more weeks before school starts again. Thanks for sharing what your fun days in the Channel Islands were like! Hope you have a great rest of your summer!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

More Jersey/Guernsey Photos from Martin

Martin is a Libera fan from Germany. He went to all 4 concerts in the Channel Islands and said it was the best holiday of his life! He drove to Saint Malo in France, visited Mont Saint Michel (I want to visit there, too!) and took a ferry to Jersey. He told everyone at the hotel and after Mass on Sunday about Libera's concerts. A family from Germany who had never heard of Libera went to the concert and really enjoyed it! Other people from his hotel went also! That's awesome!!! :D

He sent his pictures to share with everyone! They're really nice! Someone said one of the boys has Bieber hair. I'm noticing some pretty awesome hair on a lot of them! lol.

Thank you so much, Martin! Wish I could've been there in Jersey and Guernsey, too! If you copy any pictures, please give him credit!

Jersey #1

Daniel is looking right at the camera! Hi, Daniel! :D

They're all so cute!

Jersey #2

Love this one!


End of encore! You can see Mr. Prizeman on the left.

As the music echoes at the end...

I love this one with Mr. Prizeman, too!

2-handed wave from Isaac! :D


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Libera's Blog - Jersey & Guernsey Part 1

Well, I'm super busy getting ready for university, but I'm NEVER too busy for one of my favorite things...Libera's blog about their tours! I love these!!! Let's relive the Jersey part of the tour through whichever-boy-it-is-who-wrote-this's eyes! You can read their blog here. :D

Rehearsal on Jersey

Wow! It seems like they had a lot of fun on Jersey! It's nice to have a more laid-back tour every now and then, and it certainly seems like this was one of those. They had a nice few first days, rehearsing, walking around, relaxing, and watching movies. It sounds like they really enjoyed singing in St. Thomas's church, and how could they not? Between the amazing acoustics and the food..."C’est supercool! (oh, and we’ve been practicing some nearby language)!" lol.

Cassius O'Connell-White & Matthew Madine handing out concert flyers.

And of course they had to have a competition on who could hand out the most pamphlets. They're boys. That's what they do! lol. Besides, who wouldn't want to come to their concert with those charming accents and those cute faces smiling up at you! :D

Ben Fairman, Isaac London & Matthew Madine at aMaizin! Adventure Park.

Then they had the two excellent concerts "with lots of boys doing new solos and harmony parts" and headed off for more fun! The aMaizin! Adventure Park sounds like a blast! And corn mazes are so fun! Ours have high platforms so the parents can look out and find their kids if they get lost! :D

But wait! There's more! Off they went to the other side of the island to stay at a hostel for their choir holiday! Our writer describes everything as "short." A short flight, a short drive. Compared to flying halfway around the world or driving across the US, this really WAS short! 

Chess master, Adrian Sheard! :D

Their first day there was filled with playing games and walking - I tell the kids I babysit that we're "exploring" - and a movie night.

Cassius O'Connell-White somewhere in a corn field!

Super glad they got to watch some of the Olympics, especially since it was happening in their home town! "Various cheers for various countries, all sorts." Yay! We cheered for some of your athletes, too! ;D

Explorations and discoveries!

It seems like they had a lot of fun at the Durrell Zoo and the beach! Wonder which boys got buried up to their heads?! :D Can't wait to hear what they did on Guernsey! More fun to come...!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Old Libera Photo & Article

Just found an article about Libera from February 2000! It was written by the Diocese of Southwark and includes a photo I've never seen before!

Steven Geraghty, unknown, Liam O'Kane, Adam Harris

Does anyone know who the second boy is? The photo looks like it's from 1997-1999, however, based on what the boys look like.

They had just changed their name to Libera, and there's a surprise in the article that I highlighted! The article says:

"Choristers from St. Philip's Church in Norbury are in the charts at the moment alongside the likes of Nigel Kennedy and Lesley Garrett.

Their debut CD album 'Libera' has been hovering around, and in, the top 10 classical record charts for several weeks now, and is shortly due for release in Europe and the USA.

Hoping to reach a wider audience than those who usually buy records of church music, the choir has recorded under the name 'Libera' - the boys have also recorded as 'Angel Voices'.

The music is mostly the work of the St Philip's music director, Robert Prizeman, with some tracks written with co-producer and one-time head choirboy, Ian Tilley. The CD is available in high street shops, on the Warner Classics label."

We knew Ian Tilley was in the St. Philip's Boys Choir, but did not know he was head choirboy! :D

If you'd like to see the article, click here.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Guernsey Photos by Bullehynka

Bullehynka is a French fan who got to go to both of the Guernsey concerts. She posted these awesome pictures on the French forum to share with everyone. Thank you, Bullehynka! :D

I love the look on Isaac's face! And you can see Jonathan on the right! :D

If you re-post these pictures, please give her credit.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Old Angel Voices Pictures

Our friend, Inna, posted some cool old pictures of Angel Voices concerts with an interesting explanation that they were performing "We Beseech Thee, Hear Us" from Godspell. You can read her blog here.

The pictures are from 1997 when Angel Voices had their own web site just like Libera does now. I'll post all the pictures here with the picture tag they came with.



cb2 (Chris Baron)


conc4 (I also saw a caption somewhere "Steven made a mistake."
So maybe this was from a rehearsal?)










logoyel (logo yellow)








I made the pictures as large as I could. Some are very small, so they don't enlarge very well. Please feel free to copy. Angel Voices/Libera history! :D