Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Guernsey Concert #2

Libera's final concert of their Summer Tour is done! Fan de LoK said that it was a fantastic concert! They made the color effects even better tonight which made it a delight for the eyes as much as for the ears! Yuki said the final concert was stunning! Some of the boys' families were there, too!

St. James' Hall has a "Concert Tonight" banner now! Photo by Fan de LoK.

Josh, Adrian, Jakob, Sam, Matthew M, Matthew J, Kuba. Photo by Yuki.

Hope the audiences enjoyed Libera's concerts and hope Libera enjoyed their time in the Channel Islands. :D


  1. The boy is Sam I believe - Anthony has slightly curly hair and a big smile throughout the concert.


  2. Thanks, Yorkie! I'll change it! :D