Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Guernsey Concert #1


Libera's first Guernsey concert is complete! Fan de LoK reports that it was a great concert with the same songs and soloists as in Jersey. Yorkie said it was a very good show! :D

Libera's equipment truck outside St. James Hall. Photo by Fan de LoK.

Display inside concert hall. Photo by Yorkie.
Stage. Picture by Fan de LoK.

Cassius, Dylan, Michael U-R, Jude, Ben, Eoghan. Photo by Yuki.

Luke, Kavana, Henry, Anthony, Daniel, Matthew R-A, Tiarnan. Photo by Yuki.

Josh, Adrian, Jakob, Sam, Matthew M, Matthew J, Kuba. Photo by Yuki.

Bertie, Ciaran, Tom, Lucas, Isaac, Michael M. Photo by Yuki.

Thank you to Fan de LoK, Yorkie and Yuki for sharing their reports and photos. Congratulations to Libera on another great concert! :D

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