Saturday, May 29, 2010

Libera's New Blog

Libera has a new blog site called Liblog. You can find it at The first entry is entitled "Libera boys talking about video shoot." It is by Liam, Sam, Josh and Jonathan. And it does read like they are talking, not like something they wrote.

My favorite picture is the one of Mini James with his hooded coat on backwards. You'll have to read their blog to find out why he's wearing it like that.

I really like it when they write about their experiences. There are some old blog posts on their MySpace page. They haven't done anything like this in a long time, so I'm excited to read more posts!

Update: OK, here's the picture I love. Libera4You's blog has the
picture. I have no idea how he got it, but he did. So there you go.
Now you REALLY have to read their blog to get the explanation!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Tom Cully's MySpace Page? Yup!

On the Libera360 site, someone wrote in the livefeed that Tom has a MySpace page. I went to it but was not sure that it was for real. Inna writes about a lot of Josh imposters being out there, so I'm sure there are a lot of Tom imposters also. But this one DOES look real. The picture looks like one of his friends took it, and the songs are unbelievable!

Update: It looks like this IS for real! You can see Tom Cully's MySpace page at He created the page on May 27 and already has over 12,000 views! I don't know if he realizes how popular he is and could be. He has an amazing voice, incredible musical talent (he plays the piano and guitar), is studying at the Brit School for Performing Arts (so he'll only get better), and is actually writing his own songs. I love classical music like he does, but his song "Cashmere" is really good! I also love his cover of "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room." I don't really understand all of the words, but his voice is amazing. Put something up on YouTube and he could be the next Justin Bieber or Greyson Chance.

Somehow Libera4You got this picture from Tom's MySpace. He looks like a model!

Monday, May 24, 2010

More Arundel Pics

The French Libera fan site has a few more pictures posted by Caaassy and fan_de_LoK.

This is a great picture of Mini Ben and Josh!

The program listed 12 new boys. This picture shows 11 of them. The names listed in the program are Sere Akpobome (Mine's brother), Ewan Baxter, Jude Collins (Luke's brother?), Thomas Delgado-Little, Dylan Duffy, Ben Fairman, Luis Fernandes, Alex Godden, Matthew Jansen, Barney Lindsell, Matthew Madine (Josh's brother) and Cian O'Sullivan. Matthew Madine is 3rd from the right waving and smiling. He must be as outgoing and friendly as his big brother!

Awww, they're so little!!! Their robes look too big for them.  :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Spring Tour Video

Libera made a slide show of pictures from their Spring Tour.

Wow! How awesome that they get to visit the world on tour! It really looks like they had a lot of fun touring the countries, meeting people, seeing sights, and oh yeah, SINGING! And BONUS! In spite of the fact that they couldn't get back to England as quickly as they had hoped, they got to tour more of the world! Athens, Venice, how awesome is that! And lol, I love their faces on the Adriatic Sea picture! Freddy looks like he's going to blow over the side! But we're happy that they got back to England safely and in time for the Arundel concert!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Arundel Pre- and Post-Concert Video

This is a video from a French group that went to the Arundel concert. The beginning is the boys entering the cathedral. I love watching Kavana talk with his hands. :) The ending is the photo shoot after the concert. OH MY GOSH! The little guys are sooooo cute! I love at the end Matthew Madine jumping down the steps and Mrs. Geraghty putting her hand on top of one of the boy's heads. :) So cute!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Is This Josh & Sam's Last Year?!

My mom was reading on the French Libera fan site, and one of the posts commented something about this being Josh and Sam's last year. She is "friends" with this person on YouTube, so she wrote to him for clarification. He wrote back saying that Josh and Sam made a speech at the Arundel concert saying that it might be the last year that they'll be singing with Libera! *sniff, sniff* I'm really hoping that Libera comes to the U.S. this summer and that Josh and Sam come, too! Just hang in there a little longer guys! Praying, praying...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Facebook Spring Tour Pics

Libera posted some fabulous pictures on their Facebook page! The description of the album says, "Here are some pictures of our spring tour - including images from Tokyo, Seoul, Manila, Athens, Venice, the Alps, the English Channel and Arundel."
There are 18 pictures. Am I going to put that many up? Of course! OK, I'll cut it down to 13!  :)

Tokyo Tower
Doesn't Liam look like a movie star?!

Tokyo Temple
Ahhh, where's Josh? In fact, we're missing like 9 of them. ???

I just realized where. On April 9 I posted pics from the Japan Tour. One pic shows 9 members appearing on the Don TV show. So obviously while they were on TV, the other members went to the Tokyo Temple.
 Duh. lol

Sightseeing in Seoul
Now Jonathan's the one looking cool in his shades!

Royal Palace, Seoul
Not sure what these outfits are. Obviously something historically significant in Korea.
Still makes me laugh. Diggin' the footwear! And the tough-guy stances.

Philippines Airlines Photoshoot


RCBc, Manila
Excellent lights!

Country Club, Tagaytay Highlands
What a cool picture!

Acropolis, Athens
I was right!! When their updates said they were in Athens, I said they should
run up the Acropolis to get their energy out! What a great picture! I'm so jealous!

St. Mark's Square, Venice
Oh my word, I freakin' LOVE this picture!
Can I order an enlarged poster for my wall?

The White Cliffs of Dover
Almost home! That's an adventure they'll never forget. Pretty hard to top this one.

Arundel Cathedral

Arundel Cathedral
Nice angle! Can see the string players, too!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Arundel Concert 2010

Fan_de_Lok wrote a review of the Arundel concert on the French fan site Libera Passion. Bullehynka posted some great pictures. Not sure yet if this is the concert that was filmed for the DVD due out in the fall.

Cassius, Mini James, Kavana, Carlos, Henry, Stefan, Ralph, Sammy, and Alex. You can see some of the newbies behind the main choir. We don't know all of their names yet. According to the review, they DID sing some of the songs, though. It's so exciting to see the new little boys just starting out!

You can see what are probably parents taking pictures up front. One French commentator said the first 6 rows were full of parents and parishoners. More newbies in the back with Ralph, Sammy, Alex, Tiarnan, Sam, Josh, Jonathan, Liam, Jakob, and Ben in front.

Jakob, Ben, Mine, Daniel, Luke, JT (James), Matthew R-A, Flynn, Alfie, and Freddie. Matthew Madine is back left, and Ben Crawley is back right.

Nice close-up of Tiarnan, Sam, Josh, Jonathan and Liam. Mine's brother, Sere, is top left.

Gorgeous view of Arundel Cathedral. Looks like it was a beautiful, sunny day!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Matthew Madine!

I was at school today, so my mom really found this one. On a French Libera fan site called Libera Passion, some French fans gave a review of the Arundel concert with pictures. It appears that Josh has a little brother! His name is Matthew Madine! He looks just like Josh, too! (top left behind Jakob) He is sooo cute! What a happy smile he has. Wonder if his voice sounds like Josh's.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Arundel Concert Tonight!

The concert starts at 7:45 pm London time which is 1:45 pm Chicago time. Wish I could be there, but school is very busy in May! I have final exams in 1 week!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Behind The Scenes of Peace Album

There's a set of videos called "On Set With Libera." The first one is about the making of the Time video. Can I first say, "Oh, wow! At 0:36 you can see Tom Cully!" O.K. Now the best part is seeing Josh getting makeup put on his face. Only HE could look good, no great, having that done!

The next one is about the making of the Deep Peace video. Mini James is so cute! He says, "I really like the Deep Peace one cause like...cause all like...drifting around in the foggy stuff. And it's just really relaxing."

The third video is about the album photoshoot. It has nice interviews with Ben, Josh and Liam where they talk about how they really enjoy doing photo shoots. And we really love their photos and videos!