Friday, May 28, 2010

Tom Cully's MySpace Page? Yup!

On the Libera360 site, someone wrote in the livefeed that Tom has a MySpace page. I went to it but was not sure that it was for real. Inna writes about a lot of Josh imposters being out there, so I'm sure there are a lot of Tom imposters also. But this one DOES look real. The picture looks like one of his friends took it, and the songs are unbelievable!

Update: It looks like this IS for real! You can see Tom Cully's MySpace page at He created the page on May 27 and already has over 12,000 views! I don't know if he realizes how popular he is and could be. He has an amazing voice, incredible musical talent (he plays the piano and guitar), is studying at the Brit School for Performing Arts (so he'll only get better), and is actually writing his own songs. I love classical music like he does, but his song "Cashmere" is really good! I also love his cover of "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room." I don't really understand all of the words, but his voice is amazing. Put something up on YouTube and he could be the next Justin Bieber or Greyson Chance.

Somehow Libera4You got this picture from Tom's MySpace. He looks like a model!

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