Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Facebook Spring Tour Pics

Libera posted some fabulous pictures on their Facebook page! The description of the album says, "Here are some pictures of our spring tour - including images from Tokyo, Seoul, Manila, Athens, Venice, the Alps, the English Channel and Arundel."
There are 18 pictures. Am I going to put that many up? Of course! OK, I'll cut it down to 13!  :)

Tokyo Tower
Doesn't Liam look like a movie star?!

Tokyo Temple
Ahhh, where's Josh? In fact, we're missing like 9 of them. ???

I just realized where. On April 9 I posted pics from the Japan Tour. One pic shows 9 members appearing on the Don TV show. So obviously while they were on TV, the other members went to the Tokyo Temple.
 Duh. lol

Sightseeing in Seoul
Now Jonathan's the one looking cool in his shades!

Royal Palace, Seoul
Not sure what these outfits are. Obviously something historically significant in Korea.
Still makes me laugh. Diggin' the footwear! And the tough-guy stances.

Philippines Airlines Photoshoot


RCBc, Manila
Excellent lights!

Country Club, Tagaytay Highlands
What a cool picture!

Acropolis, Athens
I was right!! When their updates said they were in Athens, I said they should
run up the Acropolis to get their energy out! What a great picture! I'm so jealous!

St. Mark's Square, Venice
Oh my word, I freakin' LOVE this picture!
Can I order an enlarged poster for my wall?

The White Cliffs of Dover
Almost home! That's an adventure they'll never forget. Pretty hard to top this one.

Arundel Cathedral

Arundel Cathedral
Nice angle! Can see the string players, too!

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