Friday, April 30, 2010

Libera Promo Japan Video

Another video Libera released in March to promote their concerts in Japan. It features Ralph, Kavana, Liam, Mini James, Josh and Ben. I already knew Josh was an excellent public speaker, but here I see that Ralph and Kavana are as well! And Josh's hair is getting so long! 

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Join Us At Facebook Video

This is a newer video Libera released in March with Ben, Josh, Liam and Jonathan inviting people to their new Facebook page. It's fun to compare this video to the 2006 Website Promo Video. Josh and Liam have grown so much since then! When they say their names, each of their voices gets progressively deeper til Jonathan's really, really deep voice. I love their Facebook page, too!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

2006 Website Promo Video - FUNNY!

Oh my word! I can't believe I found this! This is the funniest, cutest thing ever! It's Liam, Michael, Tom & Josh, and they are, what, only 11 or 12 years old? Watch it 4 times and each time just stare at 1 boy for the whole time.

Liam - He speaks the intro perfectly, waits...holds his mouth open really wide as if to say, "Here it comes!", raises his eyebrows so expressively, says "Bye" and laughs! So cute!

Michael - He's so sweet! He's having a great time. I have a feeling he's BEEN having a great time during all those years of hanging out with Tom since they were so small. A lot of laughs!

Tom - Hilarious! When he says, "I'm Tommm," his eyes practically roll back in his head. His hands wave as if the website is somehow spooky and mysterious. Then the crazy "Bye-ah!" Did someone have a lot of sugar that day? Ha! He's clearly the funny one that cracks everybody up!

Josh - First there's that darling smile that looks like he's always having fun. And he's just perfect. "Please click on us to find out more." More smiling! 14 seconds of cuteness! Love it!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Korea M&G Clip from CrediaTV

This is an awesome video of Josh and Mini Ben being interviewed while signing autographs after the Korea concert. First up is Josh.

I'm 15, and my name's Josh.

(Interviewer): How do you feel?

It's been a brilliant concert. (shakes hands) Nice meeting you. *smile, smile, smile* And we've had such an amazing time in Korea. It's a shame it's been such a short time, but I think the fans really enjoyed the concert. And it was so great to be back.

Isn't Josh truly the nicest person?! And the best public speaker ever! He graciously says he's sorry their time in Korea was so brief but that he's happy to be visiting there again. Way to acknowledge the fans who came to see you all while signing autographs AND acknowledging the person in front of you, too! Who says men can't multi-task?! Ha!

Next is Mini Ben. The interviewer must have asked him how he thought the concert went and how their tour is going.

Hello. I feel, you know, we were good. It's definitely exciting, intense and brutally invigorating. I think it's good.

Mini Ben is always so fun to watch in interviews. He's like a walking thesaurus with all the adjectives he uses to describe everything. He's always smiling, amiable and energetic. (Had to use some adjectives of my own there.)  :D

I can't get over how kind and accomodating they are to their fans. They MUST be tired after a long day then singing in a concert that night, but still they are smiling, shaking hands, signing, waving, smiling some more. Sure hope I get to meet them someday! And I hope it's soooon! Come to the US pleeease!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

200 Votes for James Mordaunts Coolness

If you're on Facebook, you can become a fan of a page called "200 votes for james mordaunts coolness."  The fan club was started by Alex Leggett, which I think is pretty cool of him to do!

Once you join, you can then write on Mini James's wall to tell him how cool you think he is. There are currently 117 members. Probably a lot of people don't even know about it, and he really deserves so much more support! I mean, come on, he has an amazing voice with a solo in "Touch the Sky," is great at speaking in public on behalf of Libera, is always smiling and polite to the fans, and has the cutest dimples ever (well, Mini Ben's are pretty great, too)! Look how adorable he is on the cover of the Peace CD. Just a mini-angel waiting for his next chance to fly down to earth and sing for us.

Mini-James, I think you are the coolest!!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

April 2010 Tour Member Pics

23 choir members got to go on this unforgettable tour.



            Henry Barrrington                                                                                                                   Jonathan Barrington


          Tiarnan Branson                                                                                                                                 Liam Connery
Luke Collins                                                                                                                        Kavana Crossley
Jakob Wood                                                                                                                     Daniel Fontannaz

Freddie Ingles                                                                                                                      Stefan Leadbeater

Alex Leggett                                                                                                                             Sam Leggett

Josh Madine                                                                                                                               Flynn Marks

James Mordaunt                                                                                                                    Sammy Moriarty

Cassius O'Connell-White                                                                                                                Ben Philipp

Matthew Rangel-Alvares                                                                                                             Carlos Rodriguez

Ralph Skan                                                                                                                              Alfie Smart
James Threadgill

These pics are from the Philippines M&G in seating order. It's nice that the brothers got to sit next to each other. I like Henry's glasses. In the video you can see that Liam is wearing a ring that looks like it might be an Irish claddagh. I also noticed that Mini James now rolls up his sleeves like the big boys. Guess that's cause he's cool! The pics were posted by Chix on her hellolibera blog.                                            

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Safely Home

Libera published the following on their Facebook page:

Safely Home

After a journey of 16200 miles by land, sea and air - involving 5 airplanes, 2 ferries and 6 coaches - we have finally arrived home from our Spring tour after getting stranded at Athens by the ash from the Icelandic Volcano.

Thank you to all our supporters for your wonderful messages of support and for your prayers and good wishes.

In particular we thank our supporters in Japan, Korea and the Philippines for your warm hospitality during the planned part of our tour, and we also thank those people we met in Greece, Italy, Switzerland and France who helped us on our journey home.

There were literally hundreds of great messages on FB from their fans. Libera is the best, but now we know they have the best fans, too!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Going Home, Going Home...

Yea! They made it home!

Here are today's tweets:

Officiallibera @ 12:21 am CST: "In France." Wish I were too!

Officiallibera @ 4:52 am CST: "Looking forward to another adventure at sea." The Chunnel train must be full.

Officiallibera @9:35 am CST: "Safely home!!!!" 

So happy and thankful to God! Now they can hug their parents, tell their exciting stories and sleep in their own beds before starting back to school! It took about 5 days for them to get home. What a long trip!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Climb Every Mountain

Lots of tweets today!

EMI Classics @ 6:30 am CST: ".....and the Libera Boys are now stuck in Italy! What an adventure!"

Officiallibera @ 7:55 am CST: "Heading for the Alps."

Officiallibera @12:37 pm CST: "From Italy into Switzerland."

Wow, they are getting to see some of the most beautiful places in the world! Take lots of pictures! While it may be tiring, I just hope they are enjoying it anyway. I, of course, would think it was very fun! They must get to stop sometimes, like to eat maybe. Their parents are probably worried about them and missing them, too. Keep praying for safety. God is with them.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Headed for Italy?

Libera posted on FB & Twitter:  "Havings an adventure at sea. Thank you to the information desk staff at Athens Airport who were so helpful."

So they're getting a ship or ferry! Let's get out our atlases! Glad I'm taking Geography class this year! Don't know what ports they can get to, but these are some major ones. Maybe they're headed through the Ionian Sea or the Adriatic Sea. There's also a big port in Venice. While it would be fun to see Greece and Italy, I think the little ones might get tired of traveling. Hope it's a nice ship with real beds to sleep in. The food in Greece and Italy is awesome though, so that part is good.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Travel Update

A BBC website posted the following update:

1715 The BBC's Malcolm Brabant at Athens Airport says: "After delighting audiences in Toyko, Seoul and Manila with their angelic voices, the 23 boys of the Libera school choir from South London have come down with a bump in the Greek capital, Athens.

"After a fourteen hour flight from Manila, the boys, aged seven to 15, and their chaperones, found that they were stranded and likely to miss important exams back in Britain on Monday."

"Robert Prizeman, the group's head, said they may travel by coach as the earliest time they had been given for flights was Friday."

Only thing new here is that they have exams when they get back! Wow! That's very different than the U.S. schools. I think it would be hard to study over your Easter break. Hope their schools give them some time to make them up.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Libera In Greece?!

Libera posted on FB & Twitter:   "Having a Greek adventure."

Then BBC posted this news report:

Apparently the Icelandic volcano eruption has cancelled thousands of flights across Europe. The closest Libera could get to home was Athens. They must be sooo tired after a long flight from Manila. But I'd be so sick of sitting on a plane that I'd still want to run up the Acropolis if I were there.

Looks like Mr. Prizeman is doing his best to take care of everything. That would be a really loooong bus ride home. Glad they have their PSP's, DS's and GameBoys. Will be praying for their safety and that they get home soon.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Philippine Tour Videos

Libera on a TV show called Myx's Daily Top 10.

There are some really cute parts of this video. First the hostess asks them what they liked about the Philippines when they visited before.

Ralph - "Good times!"
Daniel - "It's friendliness!"
Kavana - "The ocean and all the beautiful fish we saw!"

They could do a tourism ad for the Philippines! And again, Kavana is SO good at public speaking!

We also find out that they like Taylor Swift, the hostess likes their accents (SO DO I!), and Cassius can do a great imitation of Donald Duck! Excellent TV appearance! Love it!

Meet & Greet at the Podium on April 14, 2010.

I picked this video because the videographer included snap shots of each boy with his name. Cool!

Josh leading 2nd group out to Podium - April 14, 2010.

This video is very clear, Josh is so cute leading everyone out, and boy, can those Philippino girls scream! Ha!

Meet & Greet After Matinee Show - April 16, 2010.

At first I didn't want to use this video because there's no audio, but at 1:03 I think Luke is writing on Kavana's shirt, and that just cracks me up!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Bayan Ko" - Libera on Philippine TV

Wow! Fast YouTube uploading in the Pines! Excellent! Libera sang "Bayan Ko" on a TV program called Showtime. Looks like a fun, rowdy program, but what's up with the "Parental Guidance" warning on the bottom right of the screen?

Anyway, watch for Mr. Prizeman standing on the left at 0:26. He's also directing them later.
At 0:30 you can see Steven G. & Mrs. Geraghty in the audience and Big Ben at 0:32.

I like this video because the guys are all smiling and really seem to be enjoying themselves and the audience reaction to them. It makes Freddie smile REALLY big at 1:44! You can't really see Josh until 1:58 then again at 2:49! Yea!!! Mini James is so cute in his close-up at 2:12, and Mini Ben did a great job on his solo!

Cute Kavana at 3:25, and he did a great job of speaking at the end. It seems like the older guys are trying to let the younger ones do some of the talking, too. Super nice of them.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Philippines Tour 2010

The Libera fans in the Philippines are some of the best! They have less than a month's notice for the Manila concerts, have to pay for their tickets in cash (which means buy them in person) and are still ready to give 
 Libera an amazing and enthusiastic reception! They've been begging for this visit. Can't wait to see what it's like!                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pics From Korea Tour 2010

Korea Concert Poster

The stage before the concert

Concert photos

Some of the little ones - Cassius, Mini James, Kavana & Henry.

Wow! Cool new lighting, just as Mini Ben promised!

Freddie speaking. Love how Josh & Jonathan are laughing about something!

Like Sammy's glasses!

After the concert there was an autograph signing. The first
group had Josh, Liam, Daniel, Jakob, Kavana & Mini James. 

I like Josh's hair. Short or long, he always looks so cute!

They are so kind to be shaking hands with everyone!


Aww, poor Daniel's shirt got wrinkled. I wonder if it just
didn't get packed correctly. He looks cute anyway.

Love how you can see all the fans in the background
 holding up their cameras!

The second group had Stefan, Mini Ben, Jonathan, Sam, Ralph & Freddie.
Love how Mini Ben is always smiling!

Stefan waving with ink on his hand. Cute!

Big Ben was videotaping. He reminds me of my oldest cousin who is 6'5".
He also has cool hair, stubble, thin build and awesome clothes.

Looks like it was a great concert in Korea. Videos are easy to find on YouTube, but pictures are tough to find, especially when the concert was in a foreign country. When you don't know the language, you can use a translator or, quicker still, just go to a website and bravely click on everything. These pictures are from a Korean fan site and Hope Big Ben posts pics or a video of what touristy things they got to do there.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Josh in Time

"I am the hours and moments of your yesterday; I am your time gone by."

When the Time video premiered, I was amazed. The song was the prettiest and most mysterious Libera song I had ever heard. Not to mention that it's two soloists are Josh and Mini Ben, two of my favorite Libera boys. The boys fade in and out in the video while they sing, fluctuating with pictures of the stars, the clouds, and some gorgeous footage of London.

This was the first appearance of some of the little guys that star in "Peace." But it was great to see all the familiar faces as well - obviously Josh and Mini Ben, but also Jonathan, Liam and Ed. And it seems that Josh and Mini Ben still have their amazing angel voices! This is now my favorite Libera song!

"I am the dawn of all time."

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Korea Tour 2010

Today Libera posted the following to their Facebook status:

"Thank you so much to all our kind Korean supporters for giving us such an enthusiastic welcome at our concert today. Thank you too for all the nice gifts - although we can now barely close our suitcases....."

Wow! The Korean Libera fans are so awesome! I'm sure they received a wonderful concert in return! Can't wait to see what the Philippino fans do.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

New Peace CD Arrives!

Libera's new CD Peace came out in the U.S. on April 6th. We had it written on our calendar to go buy it on that day, but then my mom won it on a Twitter contest! So it finally came in the mail! More happiness!  :)

Our beautiful collection. I also put all of the songs on my laptop and iPod. 

Friday, April 9, 2010

Pics From Japan Tour 2010

I found these pictures on 3 Japanese websites and used a translator to try to decipher the copy. Not sure of the proper order of these. Hope I got it right.

Airport Arrival

Bus ride from Narita to Tokyo Tower

Nippon Television Shop

Nippon Television Shop

Tokyo Tower Elevator

Tokyo Tower

What a view!

Cool glass floor!

Don TV Appearance

Tokyo Concert

I love the lights!

Liam at the Meet and Greet (is that Callum?)

Mini Ben always smiles

The Japanese fans seem to be so nice. And don't the boys look so happy and energetic? Wow! They don't seem to be suffering from jetlag at all. Next stop - Korea!