Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Welcome To My Libera Blog

I think I'll start this blog with a video. This is what I forward whenever I want to introduce someone to Libera. It gives a nice overview of their songs and has a lot of cute comments from the boys. All of the songs are from their album, New Dawn.

I think it's funny when Mini Ben says of Tom, "There's a song called Air, where he goes really really really really high." All Tom can say is, "Yeah." Because in the next clip we all have to admit that Tom DOES go "really really really really high."

Liam is soooo cute when he talks about Libera and says that he wants to "carry it on for ages now."

I'm noticing that the boys' favorite songs are never their own. For example, Josh's favorite song from New Dawn is Tom's solo, May the Road Rise Up. And Josh is right, Libera's sound really is unique. I think that's why people like it so much.

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  1. I love Josh's comment in the end: 'Although we're all individuals, when we sing together, we make the sound that is Libera' - sounds both really cute and cool! after hearing that one can't be anything but sold!
    I think when I'm going to introduce my friends to
    Libera, I will show them this video as well :)