Sunday, April 18, 2010

Travel Update

A BBC website posted the following update:

1715 The BBC's Malcolm Brabant at Athens Airport says: "After delighting audiences in Toyko, Seoul and Manila with their angelic voices, the 23 boys of the Libera school choir from South London have come down with a bump in the Greek capital, Athens.

"After a fourteen hour flight from Manila, the boys, aged seven to 15, and their chaperones, found that they were stranded and likely to miss important exams back in Britain on Monday."

"Robert Prizeman, the group's head, said they may travel by coach as the earliest time they had been given for flights was Friday."

Only thing new here is that they have exams when they get back! Wow! That's very different than the U.S. schools. I think it would be hard to study over your Easter break. Hope their schools give them some time to make them up.

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