Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"The Best of Angel Voices" CD

A compilation CD of old St. Philip's Boys Choir/Angel Voices songs is scheduled to be released on August 23, 2011. Our Libera-fan friend, Todd, works at Varese Sarabande, the producer of this CD. It is an American record label based in Studio City, California that specializes in movie scores and reissuing rare or unavailable albums. (My Star Wars soundtrack CD is from there!) Todd has been working hard to get this CD released. We wrote to ask him for more details about it.

There are 16 songs, all of which come from the 1992 Angel Voices and 1996 Angel Voices 2 albums back when Oliver Putland, Daren Geraghty, Anthony Maher and Liam O'Kane sang with the group. This is the song list:

01. For The Beauty Of The Earth (AV)
02. O For The Wings Of A Dove (AV)
03. How Can I Keep From Singing (AV)
04. Pie Jesu (Faure Requiem) (AV)
05. Sailing (AV)
06. Amazing Grace (AV2)
07. Evening Falls (AV2)
08. All Things Bright And Beautiful (AV2)
09. Be Still My Soul (AV)
10. Nunc Dimittis (AV2)
11. Praise My Soul (The King Of Heaven) (AV2)
12. Close Every Door To Me (AV2)
13. Abide With Me (AV2)
14. Adoramus Te (AV)
15. Be Still For The Presence Of The Lord (AV)
16. Jerusalem (AV2)

The suggested retail price is $11.99 but can vary depending on the vendor. It will be available at Varese Sarabande's web site here and eventually on Amazon.com. Pre-orders will be available in late July/early August. It will also be available in various Christian and church bookstores nationwide. Feel free to go into your local store and ask them to request it. It is distributed by Universal Music Christian Group and EMI Christian Music Group.

The cover picture is from the 1992 Angel Voices album cover. I think I recognize Daren Geraghty and Anthony Maher! Todd is still working on the back inlay and the booklet. It will be so exciting to see!

For more product information, click EMI Christian Music Group's web site here. Thank you to Jimmy Riddle for this link! 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Libera's Coming to Central USA!

Libera announced their plans for a Summer 2011 Tour in the USA! Yay!!! I'm so excited! :D Can't wait for them to come! And they're coming to Chicago, so I'm SUPER excited about that!! Don't even have to leave my state!!!! I'm gonna drag so many of my friends to the concerts! :) Gettin' them all hooked on Libera like me! lol! Libera posted today:

We are delighted to announce that we expect to tour in the USA in the Summer. We will be performing in the Twin Cities, the Windy City, the Gateway to the West and the Lone Star State.

- Minneapolis MN on 27th July - note just 1 date

- St Paul MN on 29th July

- Chicago IL on 31st July

- St Louis MO on 3rd August

- Frisco TX on 7th August

- Houston TX on 9th August

We will announce details of venues shortly.

Windy City! That's us! And I'm hoping to go to a lot of the other concerts too of course! :D I'm so excited! (I know I've said that about a million times!) lol! Libera is coming to the US!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

"The Greatest Miracle" Movie Trailer

Back on March 27, 2011 we posted about Libera singing with composer Mark McKenzie's music in a movie now entitled "The Greatest Miracle" or "El Gran Milagro." You can read about it here.

The movie trailer is now on YouTube. You can hear Libera's beautiful singing in the background. The movie is supposed to have a limited release in theaters in Mexico, South America, the United States and parts of Europe in October of 2011.

Here is what the trailer says:

The Loss Of A Loved One.
A Heartbreaking Diagnosis.
A Struggle To Find Peace.
"Why me? I don't know what to do?"
"Is everything OK, ma'am?"
"Thank you. Honestly, it's just been one of those days."
"Now basically I just survive without knowing where to go."
"I have too many doubts."
"You? You're not following me, are you?"
"I just want to help. I guarantee if you just listen, you'll find peace, and you'll feel happy."
"Who are you people!?"
"We're guardians."
"Of what?!"
"Of souls."

We Must Choose Between Two Paths.
"So then it's true. Guardian angels really do exist."
"One for each of you."
"I can't believe I just saw that."
"That's just the problem. You all need to see to believe."

Evil Feeds On Hopelessness.
"What are those creatures?!"
"They've been here the whole time. Always be prepared for them."

While Good Rewards Those With Faith.

The Greatest Miracle
Grant Forgiveness
Heal All Wounds
Enrich Your Soul

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tom Cully's All New MySpace

OK. I don't want to get everyone too excited, but I think Tom Cully reeeaaally does have a new MySpace page! He has only 12 friends, but one of them is the real Ben Crawley, so yeah, looks like it's for real this time. There's no music up yet, but he posted that a song called "Too Close to Home" is coming. Check out the page here and see what you think. He wrote a blog entry, too. Very interesting. ;) Hope, hope, hope it's real. Thank you to Jimmy Riddle for the link. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

30,000 Facebook Followers!

Congratulations to Libera on reaching 30,000 Facebook followers! It seems like just yesterday that they were at 25,000. But it was actually around 5 months ago on Christmas Day 2010. As I wrote about here, my aunt was the 25,000th. :D  Keep sharing Libera with your friends!

EDIT: When I wrote this, I thought about writing, "I wonder who the 30,000th person is?" But I thought, "That's just silly. There are billions of people." But it turns out we DO know him! lol. Per Fan de LoK's comment below, it is The Furby from the French forum! How cool is that?! Congratulations to him for timing it just right! We know how hard that is! :D

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

More Message to Japanese Viewers

EMI Japan posted the entire video of their most recent interview with the Libera boys. It is so nice to see how much the boys care about Japan and want everything to work out for the best there. Hearing them talk about Japan makes you realize how much they love it. Ralph expressed himself so well in describing how the earthquake and tsunami affected him. "Well, when I first heard about it, I was devasted. I mean, I couldn't believe it at first. I thought, 'This can't be happening. This is Japan. I love Japan.' But then it sort of started to sink in, and I couldn't really concentrate properly on what I was doing. And then I got home and saw it on TV, and I was just so sad." 

Kavana said some very nice things about the city of Sendai that got hit hard by the tsunami. "Some of us here have been to Sendai, and I'm sure we all think it's a lovely, beautiful place. The people there were so friendly. We enjoyed the bullet train as well, the high-speed... I think it's such a bad thing that such a devastating thing can happen to such a beautiful city. And I do hope that it rebuilds quickly, because we love Sendai."

The interview was very interesting, and there were some really funny moments (as can be expected when talking to the Libera boys for any length of time). :) Ralph is so funny talking about the "Song of Life" recording. "Well, I remember seeing a lot of funny stuff, I think...that was a crazy morning for me...but I had great fun recording it." When the interviewer asks them about their mothers, Ralph immediately responds, "I love my mum." to which all of the other boys agree. There is a lull and then Cassius smiles and says, "Yeah, well, that's all we've got to say. We just love them." :)

It is so funny that they all buy their own CD's! In answer to the lady's question about what their favorite thing about Japan was, Kavana answered that he loved how friendly the people were...and that the food was delicious. :) And it CRACKS ME UP how Ralph just kind of jumps in with "And the streets are sooo clean!" :D Cassius says that he loves the design and architecture of the buildings.

When asked about their hobbies, 12-year-old Kavana says he plays sports, "but some of the young ones here, they have to go for their very important exams." :) Barney says they have entrance exams and also SAT's next week. Maybe that's "Student Achievement Tests." ??? We take Achievement Tests in the US through 10th grade. Mini James says, "I'm a bit nervous."

I LOVE hearing them talk about the royal wedding! Ralph is so funny, applauding and saying "Well done, Will!" lol! Then they talk about how it was a world-wide event, and it was really exciting to be watching it with millions of other people. And then Ralph cracks us all up again with one of his little jump-ins, "There were some really cool hats." Kavana looks like he's about to explode trying not to laugh after Ralph says that. :)

It was interesting to hear them talking about the "Song of Life" video and how they took Ralph out early to do his outside parts and then back to film the studio stuff. And then they have a great little message for their Japanese fans about how much they can't wait to come back to Japan! I hope that the Japanese fans get a chance to go to the concerts there next April! Can't wait!

Because Fan de LoK requested it, my mom typed out the whole interview.

James: Hi. We are...

All: Libera.

Freddie: Thank you very much for your support.

Interviewer: Questions, yeah? So, how did you feel when you heard for the first time, and maybe you saw on the TV, this tragic earthquake and tsunami in Japan?

Ralph: Well, when I first heard about it, I was devasted. I mean, I couldn't believe it at first. I thought, "This can't be happening. This is Japan. I love Japan." But then it sort of started to sink in, and I couldn't really concentrate properly on what I was doing. And then I got home and saw it on TV, and I was just so sad. Terrible.

Interviewer: And, you know, the earthquake has hit the northern part of Japan. I remember you had a nice concert in Sendai, but now there is a lot of disaster there. So will you talk about your thoughts?

Kavana: Some of us here have been to Sendai, and I'm sure we all think it's a lovely, beautiful place. The people there were so friendly. We enjoyed the bullet train as well, the high-speed...

Ralph: It's a beautiful city.

Kavana: Very good. And we think that it's, me personally, I think it's such a bad thing that such a devastating thing can happen to such a beautiful city. And I do hope that it rebuilds quickly, because we love Sendai, I love Sendai. It's very beautiful.

Interviewer: Can you tell about the nice news about NHK asking to sing the main theme of the drama "Madonna Verde?"

Barney: Well, we were really pleased when we first found out, and that this brilliant drama was going to be shown all over Japan, and all of our songs.

Kavana: And it's great that we get to be known as the people who are singing it. I mean like, you sometimes remember specific TV theme tunes. And it's great to know that people will watch and listen to our music.

Ralph: Sounds great, as well, from what I've heard about it.

Cassius: And they'll just remember us, so it's really nice.

Interviewer: Can you tell us about a song or any interesting story during recording the song?

Ralph: Well, I remember seeing a lot of funny stuff, because I think that was a crazy morning for me. But I had great fun recording it, and I'm sure most of us here, oh, all of us here recorded it. I remember being just so relaxed and happy about the recording.

Kavana: It's great to sing your own harmony parts so confidently, and then it can all come together to create a beautiful piece of music.

Ralph: It was also quite weird hearing it through the head phones as well.

Interviewer: Good. And the beautiful voice and lyrics of "Song of Life" will give peace and courage to the listeners, right? So how do you want the song to reach people's feelings?

Ralph: Well, we want the people in Japan to feel like they're not alone, and that everyone in the world feels sad for them. And that we all support them.

Kavana: And after the devasting disasters, we think that it's great that our songs can bring happiness to all of Japan.

Interviewer: Good. The drama "Madonna Verde" is about a bond between a mother and child and how life is all connected. Can you tell us your feeling, you know, towards your mother?

Ralph: I love my mum.

Kavana: I'm sure we all love our parents.

Cassius:  Yeah, well, that's all we've got to say. We just love them.


Kavana: But it's great, because they care for us, and like we're doing all these things,

Ralph: They've done so much for us.

Kavana: And they're there, and they're supporting us.

Barney: And they're the ones who helped us get to the place where we are right now.

Interviewer: Good. And we understand that you plan to (go to) Japan next year for the tour, right? And is there any special feeling you want to convey to the listeners through your singing?

Kavana: Well, I guess that when we sing, we know that we want to make people happy, but especially here. We want to make them forget about all the disasters and just come, and we'll sing for you, and we'll make you happy and make it worthwhile.

Interviewer: Well, and what is your most interesting thing at the moment? Can you tell us about it?

Kavana: Well, I think the new release of our Libera Deluxe, which is, I think it's the Peace album with some videos. And it's great to know that you can have this special feature where you can watch us as well as listen, and that's really exciting for us. I mean we all buy, I'm sure we all buy our own CD's.

Ralph: I've seen the video.

Kavana: It's great to listen to our own music.

Cassius: And I just can't believe that we actually did it ourselves, cause it's put in different things, and we just did some stuff, and it made it into a massive...

Ralph: So what do you mean by the most interesting things?

Interviewer: Yeah, if it's OK, your private things. Private, right?

Background (Ben C. ?): A hobby.

Interviewer: Yeah, so anything interesting at the moment? You know, maybe when you're not singing?

Ralph: Well, I'm revising for exams at the moment, so I don't really have that much interesting stuff going on, but I'm sure they all have.

Kavana: Well, I'm sure, well most of us have hobbies. I mean, I do sport, quite likely. But some of the young ones here, they have to go for their very important exams.

Barney: Common entrance, and also we've got SAT's.

Mini James: SAT's next week. Bit nervous.

Cassius: Well, that's coming next year for me, so...

Kavana: So, it's all school work really.

Interviewer: OK. So, if you go back to Japan, what do you like about Japan? Sorry. Why do you like Japan? All of you've gone to Japan, right?

Kavana: Well, I think that the people are so friendly to us, and it's great to have such a friendly environment. Also the food is delicious. I mean I personally love Japanese food.

Ralph: And the streets are so clean!

Kavana: They're tidy. And it's great to see how much respect the Japanese people have for us.

Cassius: I love the design of the buildings.

Ralph: That's amazing.

Mini James: Yes.

Ralph: I remember Tokyo Tower when I went up there. That...wow. That's all I can say. Wow.

Cassius: Orange and white really go together.

Interviewer: Well, we understand there was a big, royal wedding in April. Yeah? And this is big news for you. So what do you think about that?

Ralph: What up, Will!

Kavana: Yes, I mean it's great how we get to see, I mean we see so many cultures as well, but it's great to know that we can relate to Britain. And it's good to see a royal wedding in our lifetime, because I'm sure generations to come, some people might not see it.

Ralph: And it's a massive, royal event. I'm so happy to have lived through it.

Barney: And it's amazing that millions and millions of people were watching it, and to know that you were one of them cheering them on.

Cassius: Even worldwide.

Ralph: There were some really cool hats there.

Cassius: Yeah, with the Union Jack.

Interviewer: Good. Well, you made a very beautiful music video of "Song of Life."  So what is it like shooting? How do you shoot? In the studio or outside?

Ralph: Well, I arrived early, and we went out to the Common where they filmed some shots of me singing the thing. And then we went back down to the studio. And then everyone started to arrive, and we filmed the really cool bits there. So most of the time we film music videos inside, but sometimes we go outside.

Kavana: But it's great how we get to have this new opportunity. I mean not many people get to be in a music video, and it's great cause it's our own music video. And it's good cause we get loads of support from our friends and our family.

Interviewer: Good. And finally, they need a message to your fans in Japan.

Kavana: Hello. I'm Kavana. I've missed Japan, and I can't wait to be there.

Mini James: Hello. I'm James. I heard we're coming to Japan again soon, and I'm really excited to come and see everyone again.

Barney: Hello. I'm Barney. I've never been to Japan before, so I'm really excited.

Freddie: Hello. I'm Freddie, and I hope to be singing for you soon.

Ralph: Hello. I'm Ralph. I really, really, really am looking forward to going to Japan again. And I have some good memories from there.

Cassius: Hello. I'm Cassius. Last time in Japan was amazing, so this time it's going to be the same.

Kavana: We just finished filming for our new song "Song of Life." It was a great experience, and the music video is really good. So we hope you enjoy it.

All: See you soon!