Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tom Cully's All New MySpace

OK. I don't want to get everyone too excited, but I think Tom Cully reeeaaally does have a new MySpace page! He has only 12 friends, but one of them is the real Ben Crawley, so yeah, looks like it's for real this time. There's no music up yet, but he posted that a song called "Too Close to Home" is coming. Check out the page here and see what you think. He wrote a blog entry, too. Very interesting. ;) Hope, hope, hope it's real. Thank you to Jimmy Riddle for the link. 

1 comment:

  1. I would be inclined to wait until there is real evidence of the EP mentioned. There have been too many impostors in the past. On one website, they even tried to pass off material by other artists as being performed by Tom, a great deception and injustice for Tom. If he does put out an EP, it may appear on a site like iTunes, or perhaps the site of a record label. I was also wondering about the spelling of the word "favorite" in the blog (as is used in the U.S). Someone from the UK would spell it "favourite". Only time will tell if this is real.