Thursday, June 16, 2011

"The Greatest Miracle" Movie Trailer

Back on March 27, 2011 we posted about Libera singing with composer Mark McKenzie's music in a movie now entitled "The Greatest Miracle" or "El Gran Milagro." You can read about it here.

The movie trailer is now on YouTube. You can hear Libera's beautiful singing in the background. The movie is supposed to have a limited release in theaters in Mexico, South America, the United States and parts of Europe in October of 2011.

Here is what the trailer says:

The Loss Of A Loved One.
A Heartbreaking Diagnosis.
A Struggle To Find Peace.
"Why me? I don't know what to do?"
"Is everything OK, ma'am?"
"Thank you. Honestly, it's just been one of those days."
"Now basically I just survive without knowing where to go."
"I have too many doubts."
"You? You're not following me, are you?"
"I just want to help. I guarantee if you just listen, you'll find peace, and you'll feel happy."
"Who are you people!?"
"We're guardians."
"Of what?!"
"Of souls."

We Must Choose Between Two Paths.
"So then it's true. Guardian angels really do exist."
"One for each of you."
"I can't believe I just saw that."
"That's just the problem. You all need to see to believe."

Evil Feeds On Hopelessness.
"What are those creatures?!"
"They've been here the whole time. Always be prepared for them."

While Good Rewards Those With Faith.

The Greatest Miracle
Grant Forgiveness
Heal All Wounds
Enrich Your Soul

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  1. They posted the USA schedule!!