Tuesday, January 31, 2012

April 14 Tokyo Concert Sold Out

Our friend, Yuki, said that the eplus.jp ticket site is showing the Libera concert for Saturday, April 14 is SOLD OUT! Congratulations to Libera and all the lucky fans who get to see them! :D  There are still tickets available for Friday, April 13. Please check availability here.

Singapore Promo Video 2

Libera has now released a second, longer promo video for the Singapore concerts! Sooo many more cute and funny scenes! Thank you, Libera!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Singapore Promo Video

Oh my goodness! What a great thing to wake up to on a Monday morning! Libera and the Libera (Singapore) Facebook page have released a promo video for the Singapore concerts!

They have also announced that there WILL be Meet & Greet sessions after the concerts!!! That will be so exciting for all the new fans they'll be making! :D

The Libera Singapore concerts have been accepted into Singapore's National Arts Council Arts Education Programme. This means the government will pay for up to 50% (excluding GST) of the ticket price. This applies to Primary, Secondary, Junior College, Centralised Institute and Institute of Technical Education (ITE) levels. Wouldn't a Libera concert be the best school field trip ever?!!!

Now back to the video. Libera surprises us with lots of video clips we haven't seen before. A lot of them are from the Philippines concerts last October! And a few are from the US Summer Tour, too!

After one of Ralph's solos at Manila concert.

I remember Jude saying, "I'm Jude, and I'm new!"
He's not so new anymore! He looks so grown up now. :D

Is Isaac singing a solo here? Is this "Himig ng Pasko" or a rehearsal?

Holy cow! Is it me or is this from Philippines 2009?!

Love this picture!!! Carlos, Eoghan & Josh walking in - Manila M&G 2011.
Carlos is smiling, Barney is funny, Josh is making the face I always make for the camera! lol

Eoghan hamming it up for the camera! :D

Manila mall M&G

Hey, fans! Do you see yourself?! :D

Wow! This is from the US 2011 Tour! The US flag
 is a dead giveaway. Ha! And I see Orlando! :D

From the Houston concert in 2011! I was there! :D

Stefan soloing in Manila. "White Christmas," maybe?

Thanks for the great video, Libera! :D

Friday, January 27, 2012

Oliver Putland Letter #2

Oliver Putland was a chorister and soloist in Angel Voices (Libera's old name) from 1987-1993. I've written about him before here. I sent him a copy of the article, and he wrote back to me to clarify some parts. Well, I'm really bad about checking my e-mail or my YouTube messages. So yesterday I checked YouTube, and I got another letter from Oliver Putland! I had written to him to ask what he thought about the new "Best of Angel Voices" compilation CD since he solos on it a lot. I also asked him if he can identify any of the boys on the cover and why he's not in the cover photo. Here's what he wrote,

Hello there, again. Sorry it took me such a long time to get back to you, but I have been very busy lately with extensive redecorating and all sorts of things!

That photo was on the original cd cover (before the dove wing one) so I guess they want to reuse it. I have to say, considering there was a fair write up about me inside the original cd, it does seem a bit eccentric that I wasn't included in the front photo. But to be honest, it was always a group effort anyway, and I didn't even expect the write up about me at all! I suspect I was busy recording some solo thing while the photo was being taken!

My memory with names is awful, but you're right about the ones you have so far.

In front of Daren is Glenn I think. The tall one at the back was Brendon. The one on the far left was Ben. The one directly above Anthony was Luke. It's there that my crap memory ends. I recognise the faces. I know their personalities, voices, and times we shared as a group together (don't ask me about that, that's for them to say not me) but I can't remember their names, sorry.

Thanks for the interest anyway. It's nice to know that what we did all those years ago still is appreciated.

Lots of luck,


Thanks so much for writing back, Oli! We now know 6 of the 14 boys in the picture and why Oli isn't in it. :)

I also realized that I never printed Oli's first letter to me. It's very funny and interesting. He tells what it was like to be in Angel Voices. It sounds very different from what Libera is like now. Here's what he wrote -

Hello there, Lexi. Hope all is well in Chicago.

Sorry I didn't get back to you quite as quickly as I would have liked, but busy busy busy!

It's funny you talking about my singing all those years ago as it seems like another existence altogether. Like some film one remembers watching, it was so long ago.

Thanks for the flattering comments, there. Always nice to hear people's reactions to anything I've done.

Libera- or Angel Voices as it was called in my day (Bloody hell- 'in my day', it makes it sound ancient!) has really blossomed into quite a big thing now hasn't it? I remember it was one of the most exciting experiences of my life, both exhausting and exhilarating in equal measure and part of me can't quite comprehend that people are still talking about it at all, least of which people on the other side of the globe!

I started singing in St Philips Choir at around 1987-88, I must have been around 7 or 8.

My voice soared into the soprano heavens along with the rest of them for about 6 years until one day I was doing jumping jacks in gym class and my voice was unceremoniously jolted into the baritone, in which it still resides today.

When I first started, I was sorted into my house which was Purcell, the others being Attwood, Britten and Tallis- all named after illustrious British classical composers.

I can only assume that other Royal College of Music choirs were given similar houses to join to get a sense of public school style pride and competitiveness, vital to a young boy's education within the Church of England's infrastructure.

Contrary to what you may think, I wasn't very good at first.
Most of the time, if a TV show wanted the choir on it, I would be placed at the back or at worst, left out altogether.

This wasn't because I couldn't sing. On the contrary, I've always had perfect pitch and can hear a duff note in a choir of thousands. My problem was I couldn't keep still. In most of those appearances, we were required to appear like angelic monoliths, resolutely singing into a mystic ether of dry ice framed limbo. While all the others stood with a solemn gaze into the middle distance as if in saintly reverence, I jittered about like a grasshopper with the equally saintly reverence of St Vitus. It was only when I was about ten when my body finally calmed down and my volume increased that I became a viable option for Robert Prizeman (our Choirmaster) to put me more centre stage in his productions.

During that time, I did those two TV series you spoke of, but before then we were whisked up and down the UK in rather fun coach journeys, performing in strange, three act stage shows which involved a medley of random numbers, a comedy showcase and complete musical show-stopper.

These were honed, stalwart, never fail productions which always garnered a warm reception wherever we performed them, but I can't help misremembering the show as a weirdly entertaining mixture of something that Enya, Terry Gilliam and Tim Rice may have created in response to either several holy visions, or the consumption of heavily fermented communion wine.

I loved doing those shows and both series were also lots of fun to do, if hard work.

I've got loads of anecdotes, but I won't bore you with them all. I'm aware that even though I'm now in my early thirties, I can still easily sound like an old fart and I'm too excited about the potentia of the future to get wax lyrical of the past just yet. :-)

All my focus is on my film work now, which I've been steadily working towards as a career since I was about 12, so thanks very much for the mention of Foley Flip. The more publicity I can get for that stuff the better! Oh and thanks for the complements regarding the Website. I think it needs a few more changes to get what I want from it but I'm getting there!

I work for Aardman Animations now, the guys who make Wallace and Gromit. So still in the media biz though very much from the other side of the camera lens now- and very happy this side thank you!

Thanks very much for asking me about the article before printing it, I'm very flattered that you're doing it at all, and if you want to know more, I'll see what I can do. Busy-ness pending.

Take care, and good luck with the blog,


Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Libera CD Coming in March

There is a new Libera album being released by EMI Japan on March 14, 2012! Thank you to Kazuyo for the Tower Records link. Currently it is only titled "Japan Commemorative Edition." The Rakuten web site also calls it "Tour Album 2012." There is no picture or song list available yet. It may be a special album just for Libera's Spring Tour 2012. People want to buy a CD of songs that they heard at the concert. The Christmas Album doesn't fit that. The Peace Album is great but 2 years old. Hopefully this new album will have 1 or 2 new songs on it. Hope to find out more information soon! :D

UPDATE: January 22

The CDJapan web site says that it is a "Greatest hits album release from Libera commemorating her concert in Japan in April 2011." I think they mean 2012 since Libera didn't get to visit Japan in 2011 as planned due to the earthquake and tsunami.  

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ben See's Music Video

This is a cool new video from Ben See. He is a former member of Libera who still works for and travels with Libera. Can you tell from the video who he is? ;)

The song is called "Moment.Sound.Blur." I really like that all parts of the music are made with his own voice! Whatever technology he is using, it lets him put his own voice on top of itself like that. He shows us all the layers that he's working with. It's a cappella with a twist! And his voice is so high! I love the part where he sings harmony with himself. Ben this is such a cool video and a chatchy song! "Don't blink or you'll miss it." Great job! Shout-out to your cameraman, too. :)

Ben See is a great stage name for Ben C. Hope to hear more new music soon. You can follow him on -

Facebook - www.facebook.com/BenSeeMusic
MySpace - www.myspace.com/ben.see
YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/user/BenSeeMusic

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Loose Moose Show Outtakes

There is one thing that is sure to happen in any video that you make with you friends, and that is OUTTAKES!!! This happens in part because...well...you're doing it with your friends, so you're having a great time! As I said before, I'm impressed that they did a whole half-hour show! Each clip takes so long to do because of bloopers like these!

OK, so...it has officially been revealed who the two worst people to put together are. Alex and Josh! They apparently crack each other up waaaayyy too much! My best friend and I are like this. And the more you laugh in the first take, the more you laugh in the second take, because you start thinking about how funny the first take was...and yeah...it's all downhill from there. :)

I love the faces Josh starts making near the end when he's trying not to laugh.

The "Dressing incompetence" part is hysterical! I love how Josh fails to get the coat on Alex and then just kinda walks away WITH THE COAT like he totally didn't just do that. :) 

We move on to "Snooker incompetence" where the boys show off their mad snooker skills. lol For "Speaking incompetence" apparently Liam was making faces at Jonathan or something. I love him yelling off to the side at Liam, and then later yelling at all of them for laughing whenever he would mess up.

The random pizza guy outtakes are lol funny! How could you not crack up when you open the shower curtain and see Alex's face with that wig and hat getting a "drinky?"

Awesome pink flowered cup!

Does anyone else think that parts of these skits were ad-libbed? I think they had the basic plot down, but those lines just seemed to flow off the tops of their heads. When another character makes up something new and you find it funny, it's hard to keep a straight face.

Oh, the cars in the audio, that part was great! There's always those unforeseen things that happen, and you're like, come on, that would have been a great take! Mine usually involve kittens walking into the shot or knocking over the camera. lol.

The world's loudest scooter!

"Alex's sense of pulse" or just basic rhythm. May I suggest joining the percussion section of band? lol. And can I digress by noticing the added randomness of a doughnut maker in his room? And I think there's a little robot man by his bed post. lol.

Josh and Liam are apparently also a bad combo. The two of them just make each other laugh. I love how with each take it takes less and less time for Josh to start laughing. I am exactly like this! I'm always the one to laugh! :D 

Didn't take too long to start laughing.

A little sooner...

Wait for it...

Can't even get the door open. :D

The awkwardly long time Liam takes to fill the teacup is AWESOME! That part made me laugh so hard!

And I'm starting to notice a pattern. Who is the funniest one? You'd think that everyone else would be laughing AT Josh dressed as Mrs. Albert Smith. But HE'S the one always laughing! In most of these outtakes! Silly guy! :D

I love watching Liam's puzzled face the second time Josh starts in on his "how did you find it" answer! I also love how Josh was totally improvising the whole thing. :)

Wait...what?! There's iron bars there? :D

I feel as though I must give credit to whoever made the little animated ending! I love it!!! Great job, guys!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Tokyo 2012 Concert Poster



The Libera Tokyo concert poster is out! I think the black and white one on back is a new picture. It was taken last summer at the Cathedral Basilica in St. Louis! I love it! Want to see it in color, too! Thank you to Hiromi and Yuki for pictures of the posters! :D

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Loose Moose Show on Facebook & Youtube

The Loose Moose Show boys are Sam, Liam, Josh, Jonathan and Alex. They now have their own YouTube page that you can subscribe to here. They have divided the video into 3 parts to fit on YouTube. Can't wait for the next awesome episode!

They also have a Facebook page! You can "like" it here. Do it to get all of their latest updates! They say they are a "Comedy quintet from London here to make you chuckle, crease, corpse, chortle, guffaw and other synonyms of laugh." :D They have lots of pictures posted on their Facebook. Here's some of my favorites. Check out their page to see more!

"There are 5 of us and 5 of them."

I love how the pose on each bench is the same!

I love all their expressions!

Thanks boys!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Loose Moose Show, Episode 1, Parts 1-3

Today is a day that will be remembered by Libera fans forever. Today the first ever episode of The Loose Moose Show was aired...er...tweeted. :) Sam Leggett tweeted the link today. The video stars Sam, Liam, Josh, Jonathan, and Alex doing extremely funny sketches including Alex goofing off in his room (and wearing an AWESOME Superman shirt by the way), a BBC Dr. Who episode - the budget-cut version, and an Oscars nomination announcement of most anti-climactic movies (all of which star Alex). :) And there's a lot more! (I just don't want to give it all away). The boys made an entire half-hour-long show...which is a pretty awesome acomplishment...trust me, I've made webisodes before. Making a fifteen minute show takes a few days! So sit down with a bowl of popcorn and enjoy yourself immensely for a half-hour! (Then come back and read my comments!) :)

The Loose Moose Show by TheLooseMooseShow

OK, so I didn't want to give anything away before you saw the webshow, but OH MY WORD! Was that not the funniest thing ever?!!! I think one of my favorite parts was actually the opening credits! I LOVED the music through the whole thing and I have the opening tune stuck in my head now. :D I love the camera work they did with the five of them!

The first sketch is "Things you just can't get away with #34"...which would be stealing someone's wallet and then trying to sell it back to them. lol! Josh got to be the thief and apparently got to shoot someone who appears to be Alex as he runs away. The way Jonathan just kinda pops up at the door cracks me up! Love Jonathan at the end chasing Josh down the street with what appears to be a squeegie windshield wiper of some sort. lol!

This next sketch is one of my favorites...Alex is studying in his room and gets bored so he starts dancing and lip-dubbing (or at least attempting to) this song. Love the pink blow-up guitar! Oh and once again...LOVE HIS SHIRT! :D His wall is super random by the way...there's like a Halo poster and an ancient horn and a cross and some random weapons. lol! I absolutely LOVE the ending with Sam coming in and giving Alex that face...and Alex studying like a good boy as if nothing had happened. :D 

Ahh...and then...we get what soon becomes a classic within the half-hour of the show...the "Love you" bit. This is just random times that someone says "Love you" by accident and it makes the whole thing REALLY awkward! The first is Sam (someone buying a car) saying it to Liam (the person selling him the car). This is followed by Josh (a person looking for directions...to St. Philip's church...shout-out to the Libera fans there...) saying it to Jonathan (the person giving him directions). Then we have Jonathan (the person who's house is getting repaired) saying it to Sam (the person who is repairing his house). I love Sam's costume with the yellow vest! :D So perfect! Last is Josh (the man who bought whatever-it-was) saying it to Alex (the door-to-door "charity" salesman). This bit was so funny! LOVED it! ;)

For those of you who have seen "Dr. Who", this next sketch was HYSTERICAL! For those of you who haven't...it was probably still funny, but I will try to clue you in on some of their Whoser jokes (that would be the name for a "Dr. Who" fan...yes the word rhymes with loser...that was the point) lol. At the beginning we are informed that BBC has been making budget cuts but "Dr. Who" will continue as before...well sort of...as we will soon see. OK, first thing non-fans should know is that Jonathan is playing the Doctor here and Josh is playing his "companion" AKA the helpless girl he drags around with him everywhere. They start in a house "on a strange planet" before the cameras start rolling. They are filming at Jonathan's house because of the budget cuts. Josh is extremely upset that they would make budget cuts to "Dr. Who" because it's a classic on British TV...which it is. The budget is only 5 pounds 50...I have no idea what this number is in dollars...but obviously not a lot. lol Jonathan says that "everyone is trying to pitch in." And then they give the actual opening scene for Dr. Who! Along with the music and everything! :D The thing flying around is the Tardis, which is an old Police Call Box that is the Doctor's time machine.

The "sonic pen" in the video is actually supposed to be a "sonic screwdriver" which the Doctor uses to do pretty much everything, including, yes..."detect life-forms in the area". lol

My cousin's sonic screwdriver that really IS a pen! lol

This life form ends up being basically Alex in a robot mask, holding wrapping-paper tubes and standing in a garbage can...or a "Croydon Council bin" as Josh protests. Josh's face is so disgusted through this whole part, it's hysterical! So they run back to the "Tardis" which Jonathan makes "visible" with his magical "sonic pen"...and is really some random storage room under the stairs. Jonathan says that it's "smaller on the inside" which is opposite of the show where the Tardis is always as Josh says "bigger on the inside"...seriously...it's like the size of a house in there! Random note...I love the picture of the handprints on the inside of the storage room door... :D So anyway, Josh quits the show with "Budget cuts! For Dr. Who! I don't think so!" And then he comes back and gets his wig. :) PS...Jonathan would make a really good Doctor. He's got it down! :D PPS...There actually were budget cuts made on Dr. Who...hence this skit. :)

The "Downloading Movies Illegally" sketch is hysterical!!! It's totally how those commercials are, too! :D bahaha! Love Jonathan's face when he "shoots" Josh. :)

The next sketch after the Love You is the "Bad news is...no news" prank. Basically Officer Jones (played by Liam) leads Mrs. Albert Smith (played by Josh) to believe something has happened to her husband before revealing that he just came to tell her that her husband is coming home late from work. The best part is when he asks for tea and then magically pulls a teapot out of his coat and teacups appear under his hat! :D

Then we have the OSCARS!!! I love that they took actual footage from the Oscars and put it in! :D The category is "Most anti-climactic movie"...All of which star Alex as the random pizza guy that appears out of nowhere. lol! Love the wig and the Yankee's hat, too!

The next is another one of my top favorites...the old BBC broadcast about being safe! SAM LOOKS AWESOME!!! So perfect! Where on earth did he get those glasses?! And that voice!!! :D bahahaha! Love Alex, Liam, and Josh too...and their dress shirts buttoned all the way up...too good! Love how ridiculous the accidents are...getting poked in the eye with a violin bow while dancing, getting hit with the pool cue when someone wins the game, getting stabbed by a knife while trying to cut the smallest birthday cake known to man...I guess all they had in the house at that moment...and so the solution is to bundle Alex to the point that he can't move. :D

And my other top fave...Alex bugging Josh while Josh is trying to work. This is so funny cuz you wonder if this is them making fun of themselves...like how they really are in real life. :D Alex playing with the comb is hysterical and being a pirate and screaming "AAARRRGG!!!" into Josh's microphone just about made us die laughing! So Alex presents Josh with his idea for a sketch they could do for the next video. It's in the future...on a planet...but the planet's not real...it's made of spaghetti. I love Josh's line "You want me to make a planet...made of spaghetti...on a laptop?" bahaha! ALEX IS HYSTERICAL!!! The kid is so good! He's great at acting super awkward in this scene...and Josh is great at acting super ticked. :D And I love Alex's alien voice too! And the pleased look on his face when he turns on the blow-up Santa is awesome! :D Thanks for not spilling your cereal! And Josh kicks the poor Santa at the end...poor poor Santa...

The last sketch is "How to Con Simple Blokes" which is Josh convincing Liam that the path from the street to the back alley, covered in an alien bedsheet, is the gateway to Narnia. :) Josh is awesome! He sounds like a circus barker!"Gateway to Narnia! Gateway to Narnia! Step right up!" "How did you find it?!" "What can I say. It's not who you are, it's where you...it's not who you are, it's what you've...are. Don't eat with your mouth open...it's who you are where you find it. It's Narnia, OK?" No Mr. Tumnus, though. lol And of course, because Liam is the "simple bloke," he falls for it. "Sorry, I just can't believe that THE ACTUAL Narnia is HERE!...on the very street I live on!...in Croydon! It's brilliant! It's almost too good to be true!" But he only finds Jonathan with whiskers and a sign that says "Narnia" in the back alley. :)

And then we end with our epic theme music! (which is still stuck in my head through however-long-it-took-to-type-this). :) What a great job boys!!! Please make more!!! We all loved it! You are all such great actors, too! :D :D :D