Thursday, January 5, 2012

Singapore Concert Update

This is an ad for Libera's Singapore concert in today's Straits Times newspaper. It's great to see advertising so far in advance of the concerts! It was posted by the Libera (Singapore) Facebook page. To keep up with all things relating to the Singapore concert, you can "like" their page here.

Our friend Michael is helping with the Singapore concerts. We met him at the Frisco concert. He's the amazing fan who heard about the concert on Thursday and flew 24 hours to get to Texas for the Sunday concert! He also went to the Philippines concerts. He gave an explanation about the seating for the Singapore concerts.

Rows A and B on the seating chart won't be used since they'll be part of the stage set up (probably for Mr. Prizeman's piano and keyboard). Row C is the first usable row and is blocked for sponsors/VIP. Rows D and E will be released for sale now. Rows F and G are also for sponsors. If you want specific seats, it's best to call Sistic directly.

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  1. Hi there,

    You have a very nice blog! Thank you for sharing my Libera (Singapore) page with your readers. The fan base in Singapore is certainly growing fast! =)