Monday, January 30, 2012

Singapore Promo Video

Oh my goodness! What a great thing to wake up to on a Monday morning! Libera and the Libera (Singapore) Facebook page have released a promo video for the Singapore concerts!

They have also announced that there WILL be Meet & Greet sessions after the concerts!!! That will be so exciting for all the new fans they'll be making! :D

The Libera Singapore concerts have been accepted into Singapore's National Arts Council Arts Education Programme. This means the government will pay for up to 50% (excluding GST) of the ticket price. This applies to Primary, Secondary, Junior College, Centralised Institute and Institute of Technical Education (ITE) levels. Wouldn't a Libera concert be the best school field trip ever?!!!

Now back to the video. Libera surprises us with lots of video clips we haven't seen before. A lot of them are from the Philippines concerts last October! And a few are from the US Summer Tour, too!

After one of Ralph's solos at Manila concert.

I remember Jude saying, "I'm Jude, and I'm new!"
He's not so new anymore! He looks so grown up now. :D

Is Isaac singing a solo here? Is this "Himig ng Pasko" or a rehearsal?

Holy cow! Is it me or is this from Philippines 2009?!

Love this picture!!! Carlos, Eoghan & Josh walking in - Manila M&G 2011.
Carlos is smiling, Barney is funny, Josh is making the face I always make for the camera! lol

Eoghan hamming it up for the camera! :D

Manila mall M&G

Hey, fans! Do you see yourself?! :D

Wow! This is from the US 2011 Tour! The US flag
 is a dead giveaway. Ha! And I see Orlando! :D

From the Houston concert in 2011! I was there! :D

Stefan soloing in Manila. "White Christmas," maybe?

Thanks for the great video, Libera! :D


  1. Aww, nice write-up and screen caps! Lucky Singaporeans! I'm sure Libera will win many new fans.
    I see myself in the Manila Mall M&G, first row, in between ladies in pink and red. hehe

  2. Haha yeh I see Hannah in #8 pic.:) I see myself in the longer ver. video.hehe
    The funny face in #5 & #6 is not Barney, that's Eoghan, btw.;)