Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Libera CD Coming in March

There is a new Libera album being released by EMI Japan on March 14, 2012! Thank you to Kazuyo for the Tower Records link. Currently it is only titled "Japan Commemorative Edition." The Rakuten web site also calls it "Tour Album 2012." There is no picture or song list available yet. It may be a special album just for Libera's Spring Tour 2012. People want to buy a CD of songs that they heard at the concert. The Christmas Album doesn't fit that. The Peace Album is great but 2 years old. Hopefully this new album will have 1 or 2 new songs on it. Hope to find out more information soon! :D

UPDATE: January 22

The CDJapan web site says that it is a "Greatest hits album release from Libera commemorating her concert in Japan in April 2011." I think they mean 2012 since Libera didn't get to visit Japan in 2011 as planned due to the earthquake and tsunami.  


  1. With a title as "Japan Commemorative", I think this refers to the disaster that hit Japan in Mars 11th last year.

    I assume the songs selection will focus on songs having some kind of community supportive spirit, like "Be still my soul", "We are the lost", "Abide with me", with probably 1 or 2 news songs, with maybe one song recorded in Japanese :)

    Seeing the price (2.000 yens), is this looking like a mini-album having 8 songs, or a full album ?

  2. Thanks for the information. It's good to know that people around the world wants more and more Libera.

  3. A little update about CD description from a Japanese site :

    "Anniversary greatest hits album released in Japan. [...]
    For the concert in April 2012, the Japanese are building a program to heal.
    The song along with the program "Best Commemorative Japan," recorded as."