Sunday, December 23, 2012

Libera Christmas Video 2012

Hey everybody! Just wanted to quickly share this cute Christmas video from the boys of Libera! It looks like they had a lot of fun at their Christmas party this year! I love the awesome hats that they're wearing! I think it's so cute that Matthew RA has his hat on upside-down! Way to be unique! :) Thomas stealing Michael's food while he's talking was cracking me up! And both your plates look beautiful boys...because they're loaded with food, and that's all that matters. :) We get some nice greetings from Dylan, Jude and a "Merry Christmas" thumbs-up from Isaac! Merry Christmas to you as well, boys! And a Happy New Year!!! Hope it's full of happiness and many more new songs! ;)

Taiwan Tour Promo Video

It's here! The Taiwan Tour has a promotional video out! Tickets go on sale in only 10 days! :D

Friday, December 21, 2012

Interview on Premier Christian Radio

Awesome! It's that time of year when Libera gives us all kinds of fun stuff like interviews and an annual Merry Christmas video. This morning Kavana, Cassius, Jude and Michael were interviewed on Premier Christian Radio. Thanks to Fan de LoK, you can listen to it here.

First they play "Joy to the World," and then the interviewer greets everyone and gets an "Hola!" back from Jude. I guess everyone dressed up to go see her, because she comments on how they're dressed like they're ready to go somewhere.

Oh my word Cassius is so...oh my word! The highlight of his Libera career? "I had the nicest chin-wag with Miley Cyrus."
"What did you talk about?"
"What it's like to be even more famous than me." :D And then thank you Kav for jumping in there and explaining. Love how Kav says he was Cassius's mentor. But didn't we kinda figure that? :) And on Cassius's first tour he had an aunty, an uncle, a mom & a dad in place of his real ones.

Poor little Michael trying to talk over everyone! He said that in September he turned 10. And he did explain very nicely how you get to be in Libera. Love Jude and Cassius's explanation:
Jude: They don't tell you anything! They're so secretive!
Cassius: It's like James Bond! Doo-doo-doo!
Jude: It's like the MI6 hiring agents!
And now we know why Jude joined Libera: SNACKS! :D Oh my word this kid is hilarious! And is it me or does Kav sound really grown-up for 14?

Cassius, of course, does his world-famous Donald Duck imitation for the interviewer. Apparently Donald's favorite song from the Christmas album was "Joy to the World." :D

The interviewer asks them for what they're all thankful. Jude is thankful for all the support they had this year. Awww you're welcome guys! Thanks for the beautiful music! :) Oh Cassius. He gives thanks for support, Mom and Dad, and his PS3. And listening to him try to explain what the name of "Free" means to Libera is made even more funny by the fact that Kavana can't stop laughing at everything Cassius says!

Michael is so adorable! "If you're like thirty-three you can still sing with the church choir." I love Jude and Cassius trying to imitate what Kavana sounds like singing bass!!! :D They're so disruptive lol. The interviewer was actually very good and funny! "I want to be part of Libera. Can I join?"
Kav: ...Boys only. :)
And they've been some of her favorite guests! Of course! Cuz they're awesome!

Michael wanted her to play "Carol of the Bells," because he got to sing this in the Philippines last year. It's bouncy, jumpy.

And oh...those moments when you wish that it was a TV interview so you could see Cassius's crazy dance! Love how as soon as the interviewer asks "Are you like the face of Libera?" Cassius says "I'm the face of Libera." And all the other boys are like "Noooo, nah, no he's not..."

Jude! Get your shopping done!!! Only 4 more sleeps till Christmas! lol. Cassius likes waking up on Christmas morning and feeling that really heavy thing on his leg (his Christmas stocking!).

And here's some new info! There's an annual Libera New Year's party! How cool is that?! Dressing up as mummies, doing a dance. It sounds like a blast!  

Interviewer: How can we find out more about you guys?
All: You can go to our WEBSITEEE!!!
Aaand...then they can't remember what their website is. Just google it! :)

Love how they announce the winners of their album. Thanks for the interview guys! You're hilarious! Making more fans every time you're on air. :)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Libera's Blog - Autumn Tour

Sightseeing with Sam Wiggin, Michael Ustynovych-Repa,
Michael Menezes, Matthew Madine!

Yay! There's another blog up from the boys about their Fall Tour to Northern Ireland and a little about the concert in London. You can read it here. And that means our mystery writer is back, too! :) This tour sounds like it was a lot of fun! The two new boys who have never toured before, Alessandro and Anthony KM, must have been very excited! 

After a very short plane flight (especially compared to what they're used to for tours) they landed in Northern Ireland. The next morning it was off to practice! It sounds like they did get plenty of sightseeing and fun time in as well, though. And time to do homework for the poor kids that had to, although our mystery writer was obviously not one of those. lol. 

Eoghan McCarthy, Jude Collins, Matthew Jansen, Sam Wiggin

Lucas Wood, ?, Tom Delgado-Little, Ben Fairman

On the note of fun...silent football ("or soccer if you prefer") sounds like a lot of fun! I want to get my friends together to try that...although I don't think we could keep it up! :) I would like to also note that our mystery writer seems to enjoy the "Giant Libera Mario Kart," as he deems anyone who doesn't participate "lazy." ;)

Michael Menezes, Sam Wiggin, Tom Delgado-Little

I'm glad the boys enjoy the echo-y cathedrals as much as all the fans do! They always sound so amazing! And good for Tom DL!!! Several high D's!!! Wow! :D  

What a beautiful picture from the Armagh concert! Cassius O'Connell-White,
Oscar McFall, Sammy Moriarty, Matthew Rangel-Alvares

Armagh concert! Lucas Wood, Sam Wiggin, Matthew Jansen, ?,
Anthony Kerr-Munley or
Alessandro MacKinnon-Botti?, Eoghan McCarthy

I would just like to make a side note and say that if anyone has not seen BBC's "Sherlock," they should go and watch it now. It's a pretty amazing show with pretty amazing actors, and it definitely makes you think. If you don't belive me at least believe Libera! :)

Our mystery writer's description of the Titanic museum makes me want to go there! It sounds really interesting, and I didn't know that the Titanic had a sister ship either! Fun fact! The Travel Museum also sounds like a lot of fun! And they played hide-and-seek! How awesome! Just goes to show that sometimes simple fun is the best fun. It doesn't always have to be complex for you to have a good time! :)

Hide & Seek amongst the Travel Museum steam trains.

And The Legend of Johnny Longface...this is just awesome! I have no idea how to play this game, but I want to now! Does anyone else have info on this?! And who ended up being the real Johnny Longface?

It is so exciting that they got to sing with the St. Peter's boys choir! It sounded really great on the videos I saw. Our choir always enjoyed combining together (especially if the other choir was good). This must have been so fun for both groups!

On to London! Yay for the mini boys! Can't wait until they're big enough to tour - maybe to Taiwan and Korea?!

And congrats again to Roberto De Ocampo on receiving the Order of the British Empire! :D So glad that the tour went well guys! Thank you for the blog!

Mr. D's cake was amazing based on the looks on the boys faces!
But who doesn't love dessert?! :D

PS: Hi everyone! This is Lexi! I'm back from college (or university if you prefer) for Christmas break! Just wanted to let everyone know that I got all of my roommates hooked on Libera. It's my alarm in the morning, and I've been playing the songs in the room, and they love it! College is going really well, and I hope to see you all at a concert somewhere sometime! :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Vote For Your Favorite Libera Video

I got an e-mail from EMI Classics US today. They are running a "Music Video Voting" contest. Go to this link - and you can vote for 1 of 16 of Libera's most popular music videos. You need to be signed into Facebook to vote, but it doesn't spam your timeline or force you to "like" anything. It's just so they can make sure that everyone votes only 1 time. It's so hard to choose 1 favorite, isn't it?!!

The "Music Video Voting" is part of a campaign around the new "Song of Life: A Collection" CD that they have released in the US! It was previously only available in Japan! The CD is available through Libera's Amazon link here for $14.57! What a great Christmas gift!