Sunday, May 6, 2012

Another Arundel Review

Our friend, Lucy in London, also went to the Arundel concert. She wrote a great review which you can read here. She also has a few pictures! :D

She sat next to Michael Menezes' parents and found out that Michael is Jakob de Menezes-Wood's cousin. She talked to Alfie Smart and found out that Bertie is his brother. Kinda thought so on both, but it's great to find out for sure! She has a lot of other cute stories in there. I hope you'll read it.

Thank you for sharing, Lucy! Glad you had such a great time at the concert and in Arundel! :D

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Arundel Concert

Well, I just woke up here in Chicago. But over in the UK it is 3pm on Arundel concert day! And fans are already lined up! Patrick, Yorkie, Pax Tecum, Martin, Dani and Murkskis are in line. But the first person there is a woman from Korea who got there at 7 am! Now that's a fan! :D

Patrick's picture outside Arundel Cathedral.

Patrick's picture inside Arundel. Looks so pretty!

Patrick's picture of back of cathedral with organ & stained glass window.

With about 5 hours to go til the concert, Patrick has seen Jonathan and Tiarnan working with the crew. Daniel will be watching in the audience.

At 4:30 p.m. Arundel time, the Libera boys just arrived at the cathedral to rehearse!

Patrick's picture of boys arriving.

Yorkie's picture of his pre-signed program!
Signed ones cost £8, unsigned are £2.

Patrick's picture of chorister list in program.

There are 26 boys. Anthony Blake, Bertie Smart and Sam Wiggin were not on the Asia Tour, and Ciaran was on Asia Tour but not here today.

Patrick's picture of song list in program.
It is the same song list as Singapore and Japan 2012 concerts.

Patrick's picture of line around cathedral at 7 p.m. Arundel time.

Martin's picture of line around cathedral at 7 p.m. Arundel time.

Program lists that you can now make £10 donation to Libera
by texting "LBRA01 £10" to 70070.

View of stage from Patrick's seat.

Patrick said that sitting on the right side of the front row there were 7 little, mini-boys from the choir! You can see 4 of them in this picture with their dark blue, hooded coats on. :D

Patrick said it was an "incredibly good concert. Everyone did a perfect performance." Matthew Jansen's voice was clear and sweet.

Stefan did not have an individual solo but did duets with Ralph as in Japan. Ciaran's solo on "Dies Irae" was done by Matthew R-A. I would have liked to have heard that! :)

Ben Philipp was there helping Ben Crawley as Concert Producer! How cool is that?! Alfie Smart was also in the audience! I think Bertie is his brother! :D

Congratulations, Libera, on another great concert!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Libera EMI Japan Interviews

Libera did an interview with EMI Japan after their 2 concerts in Tokyo. Not sure why it's divided up into 6 parts, but it's still fun. These have Cassius, Ralph, Kavana, Barney and Jude - some of Libera's best talkers! :D

Part 1

Cassius: Hello. I'm Cassius.

Ralph: Hello. I'm Ralph.

Kavana: Hi. I'm Kavana.

Barney: Hi. I'm Barney.

Jude: Hi. I'm Jude.

All: And we are Libera.

Ralph: I love Japan. I always find real tall buildings and a real bustling city, and I find that really exciting.

Kavana: I think we love Japan for all the support we get and all the support from the fans. And also this time of year we get the Sakura trees which are pretty with their cherry blossoms.

Cassius: It's like you feel at home here like when you go when you feel that you're away from something, but when you're in Japan you know that you're near something.

Kavana: And you're always welcome.

Ralph: And you're appreciated.

Barney: When we first arrived, we got quick a welcoming when we came into the hotel. Everyone was really nice and like really helpful when we needed help.

Jude: I think Japan is an amazing city, because this is my first time, and I'm already enjoying the scene after three days. Really amazing.

Barney: I think it (the concerts) went quite well. I think we did better than yesterday, cause everyone seemed to be in pitch. And, yeah, I think we got quite a good response.

Cassius: And the audience was very supportive.

Kavana: And as our last concert before we went home, we wanted to make sure it was a really good one, so we were happy.

Jude: I think it was was kind of the best concert we've done so far. And I thought it added a bit more dramatic effect because this was our last concert.

Ralph: Yeah, I thought it went really well. Everyone was really, really concentrating. We all put a really extra effort, and so I think we did a 110%.

Part 2

Kavana: Yeah, I mean we love sightseeing. Whereever we go, we love always having free time. And you may think, oh, it's really busy, we must be doing loads of work. But we do get to enjoy it, too, which is really good.

Ralph: I'd love to go to Tokyo Tower. It'd be awesome.

Kavana: We did do a little sightseeing.

Barney: Yeah, we went round on an open-top tour bus which was really fun. And we got our guide, which was good.

Ralph: And we saw the Imperial Park.

Cassius: And that was, that was pretty cool.

Kavana: Pretty.

Cassius: And also when you're like walking like to look around, all the blossoms fall down, and it makes it very beautiful.

Barney: And dramatic.

Jude: The tour bus was really fun. They started going a bit fast, and my hair was blowing back. It looked very weird in the mirror.

Cassius: I like Naruto especially. Maybe I'm, maybe I'm a bit too much of a ?

Ralph: He loves it.

Kavana: We all love the fans, I'm sure.

Ralph: We love them. They're so happy and enthusiastic all the time. They make us kind of really make us happy about it.

Kavana: The food.

Ralph: The food.

Barney: Delicious definitely.

Interviewer: What kind of food do you like?

All: Sushi.

Ralph: Sashimi.

Kavana & Jude: Noodles.

Ralph: Rice.

Kavana: Soba noodles.

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

The third - sixth parts I'll translate later. :)