Friday, January 31, 2014

A New Album in 2014?!

Awesome news! I know Libera has been super quiet for over a month now. But when they seem quiet, that's usually when they are their busiest. According to a tweet by their record label Warner Classics, a Libera album is "in the works!" I wonder if it will include any new songs. For sure it will have new soloists! They also tweeted that 2014 will "be a big year for them!" So we fans may have a lot to look forward to this year! Stay tuned! Can't wait!!! =D

UPDATE at 11:30pm - I don't think this is the "new" album, but HMV Japan just posted that they are releasing an album called "I Am the Day - The Best of Libera." You can see it here. It sounds more like a compilation album of old songs, but it will be exciting to see what's on it! The release date is March 26, 2014 in Japan. 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Official Libera Pictures from US Promo Trip 2013

Libera came to the US right before Christmas to promote their new album "Angels Sing - Christmas In Ireland." They appeared on the Today show and on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. But they also had lots of fun during and after the shows. You can see all of their pictures here. These are some of my favorites...which tend to be all of them. lol. It's so hard to choose! :D

Walking past New York City Christmas decorations
to NBC Studios at 30 Rockefeller Plaza

Carrying their robes to be on NBC's Today show

Henry has a scarf and Gabe looks cold, so I'm guessing it's NYC? :)

Matthew J in LA for The Tonight Show With Jay Leno!

Playing Monopoly while they wait to appear on
The Tonight Show With Jay Leno

Playing Sorry

Taping The Tonight Show With Jay Leno in Los Angeles!

The hotel shuttle to Universal Studios Hollywood

Great group picture at Universal Studios Hollywood!

Matthew Madine will be your tour guide

Love Dylan's shark hat!

And love Alex's Minion mug!

Josh, Ciaran, Gabe & Alex. Looks like they're at Citywalk.

Tom went for the purple minion. lol.

Hot dogs!

Swimming time!

Is that Jude?!

At the Bellagio in Las Vegas!

Alex enjoying Las Vegas!

Watching the Bellagio fountains.
We'll call them Ocean's Twenty-Two! :)

Thank you, Libera! Can't wait for you to come back to the US! Hope it's soon!!!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Official Libera Pictures from Philippines Tour 2013

Libera posted lots of great pictures from their Philippines Tour 2013! You can see them all here. Some are pictures I already posted from the concerts and M&G's or from their Liblog. But lots of them were new behind-the-scenes pictures. I love these so much because we get to see Libera just hanging out having fun together. I really hope I get to go to the Philippines someday! They make it look so fun!

So here's some of my favorite pics! 

I'm guessing this is from their Welcome Dinner in Manila? Great costumes!

4 little friends - Alessandro, Michael Menezes, Isaac, Alex Montoro

4 big friends - Eoghan, Kavana, Henry, Matthew R-A

Fun time bowling with Ben, Lucas, Dylan, Sam

Alex Gula


I love this picture of Isaac!

On stage in Manila

Great group picture

Cool picture showing how big the PICC venue is in Manila

Swimming day! Tom, Lucas, Ben, Sam, Isaac, Michael, Alessandro, Marc

Kuba and Ciaran at the chocolate fountain!

Ben shooting the hat!

Marc's turn

Matthew R-A and Henry playing chess

Cassius and Matthew Madine shopping for Filipino instruments

Watching TV at the outdoor bar

Tom playing the marimba

Lucas playing the marimba

Henry playing the marimba, but I have no idea what Jude is playing

Dinner with Filipino dancers

Ben learning a Filipino dance

The best pic! Carlos doing a Filipino dance! :D

Thanks, Libera! Glad you always have so much fun in the Philippines! :D

Friday, January 24, 2014

New Header Picture!

Hey, Libera fans! Do you like my new header picture of Libera? It's the boys with Jay Leno and Judd Apatow after their appearance on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" on US TV! Yes, I had to pay for the picture, but it's worth it, don't you think? :D

The boys pictured on the left are Marc Alvares, Ben Fairman, Alex Montoro, Alessandro Mackinnon-Botti, Ciaran Bradbury-Hickey, Lucas Wood, Kavana Crossley, Dylan Duffy, Anthony Blake, Sam Wiggin, Jude Collins, Cassius O'Connell-White, Eoghan McCarthy.

The boys pictured on the right are Tom Delgado-Little, Matthew Madine, Henry Barrington (back), Michael Menezes (middle), Gabe Collins (front), Isaac London, Kuba Niedermaier-Reed, Matthew Jansen, Alex Gula. Josh Madine is in the back right behind the keyboard.

They did such a great job singing, so I want to remember their accomplishment for awhile. :)

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ireland Official Pictures & Liblog 2013

Hey, everybody! I need to catch up on so much Libera news. First I'm going back to the Armagh DVD concert from August 2013. Once you've read it, I'll put it with the September postings where it should have gone. How did I skip this? Oh, maybe it's because I actually got to go to Ireland to see Libera! And then I went to London!!! :D And then I went to university...

Anyway, a boy (or boys) wrote 2 Liblogs about their trip called "Interesting Ireland - North and South." You can read it here. We found out that they flew to Belfast and stayed at a boarding school in the Republic of Ireland...only this boarding school was awesome. Lots of room to run, no studying, AND a catering staff! Their daily schedule was Breakfast, Rehearsal, Lunch, Free Time, Dinner, Rehearsal/Movie. Lots of rehearsals because all the songs were new versions, and they wanted to do a really good job for the DVD. 

Gabe is so cute! :D

Free time was spent inside playing table tennis (Tom DL and Sam Wiggin were the champs!), K'Nex, pool, or Nintendo. 

Kuba & Sam playing. Tom DL & Sam were the champs!

Ralph & Josh playing. Looks like they're all playing in a round.

Outside free time was for tennis, football, rounders, swimming, or croquet. I had to look up that rounders game. It sounds sort of like a one-handed softball/baseball game. 

Lucas playing tennis

Dylan must have made a great shot!

Playing football

Great form, Tom!

The Fun Fair sounds great, but I guess Kuba threw up on the Vominator ride. Ugh! Sorry, Kuba. Guess there's a reason it's called the Vominator.   

Is that the infamous Vominator behind Matthew J & Henry?!

Nano Ben at the shooting gallery

Ben needs more sugar! lol And I LOVE cotton candy!

Cassius loves to take the funny pictures! :D

And a water sports centre is a great way to run off all your energy! How awesome is that "iceberg?!"  

All smiles!

Matthew J & Marc canoeing

Huge iceberg!

Next they traveled up to Armagh, Northern Ireland. 

Hey, Jude! Yeah...I just wanted to say that. lol.

While there they went to the Navan Fort (or Emain Macha, seat of the Kings of Ulster around 95 BC) and the Armagh Observatory. I went to both of those, too! Libera didn't show any pictures of that,'s mine. I apparently missed out on building Celtic shields and space rockets. lol. Even though Astronomy is my favorite science subject, I was happiest that the observatory had Orange Fanta with real sugar! It tastes so much better than back home! :D 

This Iron Age couple never broke character!

Reconstructed round house from early Iron Age.

Every spaceman statue is meant to be climbed on.

310 pound meteorite found in Argentina

Are you exhausted yet? Wait! They still have a concert to film! 
Alex Gula is ready to sing!

Libera had a sort of dress rehearsal/concert the first night and a full concert with lots of people there the second night. Both were filmed, but the cameras were moved to different spots each night. Here's my review of the concert. I think I counted 9 cameras. It was a beautiful concert, even if they did have to stop between songs to change positions or get their hair fixed. 

The boys had to have their hair fixed a lot because their
mics needed to be hidden. The mic came up the back of their neck, 
across the top of their head to the top of their forehead.

The director, R. Medwyn Hughes, backstage watching the camera feeds

I love this pic with Robert Prizeman, Tiarnan, Simon Lewis, Jonathan,
Alex, Josh, Cassius, Isaac & Daniel filming the "Behind the Scenes" parts.

More "Behind the Scenes" with Michael UR, Eoghan & Cassius

Filming with the jibby-jib camera that can go up really high.

Another one of my favorite pictures! Sam, Michael UR, Gabe & Isaac.

If you haven't gotten the DVD or CD yet, you'll want it for your collection. It's awesome! Here's where to get it. Thanks to Libera for sharing your great Liblog and pictures!