Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Official Libera Pictures from Philippines Tour 2013

Libera posted lots of great pictures from their Philippines Tour 2013! You can see them all here. Some are pictures I already posted from the concerts and M&G's or from their Liblog. But lots of them were new behind-the-scenes pictures. I love these so much because we get to see Libera just hanging out having fun together. I really hope I get to go to the Philippines someday! They make it look so fun!

So here's some of my favorite pics! 

I'm guessing this is from their Welcome Dinner in Manila? Great costumes!

4 little friends - Alessandro, Michael Menezes, Isaac, Alex Montoro

4 big friends - Eoghan, Kavana, Henry, Matthew R-A

Fun time bowling with Ben, Lucas, Dylan, Sam

Alex Gula


I love this picture of Isaac!

On stage in Manila

Great group picture

Cool picture showing how big the PICC venue is in Manila

Swimming day! Tom, Lucas, Ben, Sam, Isaac, Michael, Alessandro, Marc

Kuba and Ciaran at the chocolate fountain!

Ben shooting the hat!

Marc's turn

Matthew R-A and Henry playing chess

Cassius and Matthew Madine shopping for Filipino instruments

Watching TV at the outdoor bar

Tom playing the marimba

Lucas playing the marimba

Henry playing the marimba, but I have no idea what Jude is playing

Dinner with Filipino dancers

Ben learning a Filipino dance

The best pic! Carlos doing a Filipino dance! :D

Thanks, Libera! Glad you always have so much fun in the Philippines! :D

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