Sunday, July 29, 2012

Libera Sightings!


Area of King Street and Queen Street
where Fan de LoK saw Libera boys.
Photo by Fan de LoK

Queen Street. Photo by Fan de LoK

Our friend, Fan de LoK, arrived in Jersey yesterday. As he was walking through St. Helier, he saw lots of lovely white robes walking around! It was the Libera boys passing out fliers for the concerts! He saw Josh, Daniel, Tiarnan, Jakob, Luke, Kavana, Dylan, Nano-Ben, Matthew J, Matthew M and Cassius!!! He also saw Jonathan, but he was in regular clothes. He did not see Eleanor or Barbara, so they were probably with the other boys.

The fliers they were handing out were like the Jersey poster, and many people seemed interested in getting one. At the bottom of the fliers it listed a charity called Headway Jersey. Libera's Jersey concerts will have a collection for Headway Jersey. :)

Jersey Opera House with Libera posters out front. Photo by Fan de LoK

Jersey concerts tickets. Photo by Fan de LoK

Today Libera participated in the church service at St. Thomas' Church. The church was totally filled! Fan de LoK said Libera sang brilliantly and received 2 long applause. The last song they sang was "Salva Regina." The choir was behind the altar, so he couldn't see everyone, but there seemed to be 27-28 choristers. He did not see Ralph, Stefan or Barney, but may have missed them. Isaac and Ciaran are there as well as 4-5 newbies!!! :D Cannot WAIT to hear how the concerts go! What songs will they sing? Who will sing solos? Will there be a Meet & Greet? Hope the boys have a great time there and at the concerts! Make lots of new fans! Wish I were there!!!

East coast of St. Helier from Fort Regent's Hill. Photo by Fan de LoK

St. Helier with St. Thomas' Church in center distance. Photo by Fan de LoK

Libera poster at far right displayed in Hector's Fish & Chips Restaurant.
Photo by Fan de LoK

Thanks to Fan de LoK for the reports and pictures!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Libera Is In Jersey, Channel Islands!

Great news! Libera's Summer Tour is here! Kavana tweeted yesterday that they were already leaving for the Channel Islands, so they should be there by now! This gives them some nice holiday time there before the first concert. :)

Sam Coates also posted a picture of the Jersey 1 pound note! Cool!

And even more great news! Libera will be singing in the 9:30 am service at St. Thomas' Church in St. Helier, Jersey. Those lucky enough to go to the concerts can hear them in church also! Thanks to Jimmy Riddle for the info!

St. Thomas' Church in St. Helier, Jersey


Now I'm wondering where they'll be for church the next Sunday, August 5th! Someplace in Guernsey? ;D

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Libera "Sanctus" on Japanese TV

Libera appeared on Japanese TV today! Thanks to Yuki's friend, Sunflower, we can see the video of it! :D

Cute beginning scene with Kavana, Eoghan, and Carlos handing out the robes to the younger boys. They're so old and responsible now! They all get their robes on, and it's so cute to see them bumping into each other as they all walk around like ghosts.

And could Isaac ham it up more putting his robe on the wrong way?! He is SUCH a goofball! :)

Some of the older boys who are "experts" sit and read while they wait for the younger ones to get ready. And then they go to sing.

Kavana making a funny face.

Eoghan making a funny face that cracks Kav up.

Michael's sooo cute! And Kuba just can't watch any more! :)

Isaac and Michael laughing.

Of course they goof off for a bit, and that's ALWAYS hilarious to watch. And oh, by the way, guess who's the director? I noticed him earlier but I wasn't sure exactly what he was there for...yes! Josh!!! He's very professional, and they seem to follow his orders very well.

First Josh says, "OK, positions, guys." And they line up.

"Right to the back of the church." Meaning sing to make your voice hit the back wall. :)

Here I think he says, "Stand up." Or something. :)

They perform a very lovely version of "Sanctus." I think it's live cause you can hear cars driving by outside! I want to know who's singing the high notes! :D

The 14 boys are Michael M, Kuba, Cassius, Eoghan, Matthew R-A, Kavana, Carlos, Luke, Henry, Matthew M, Jude, Dylan, Isaac and Michael U-R. I hope some of the missing boys were just busy studying for exams and that we'll see them at the concerts. :)

And it's like almost immediately after the song is over that the stage is a flurry of activity again. Ah well, I guess that's the joy of working with boys! :)

And hey! Matthew Madine wears glasses! Looking good! :D

Then we get some more cute goofing off stuff. One of my favorite parts was watching Kavana stand there all responsibly and answer questions so calmly while Isaac bounced around behind him begging for the camera's attention. Isaac is just so cute, how could you not pay attention to him?!

Kavana - "Ah, most of our hobbies actually. A lot of us play sport. A lot of us do music of our own like play instruments. Like I play the clarinet and the guitar and stuff. And just other things like that."

At this point Isaac comes from behind and makes bunny ears above Kavana's head. Hahahaha!!

Kavana - "Enjoy myself?" (Isaac still waving to camera) "I don't know. I probably listen to music. A lot of us like music, cause this sets you in the path of music."

Kavana notices Isaac, grabs him, spins him around and says, "He's cheeky. He's very cheeky. His smile. He's very cheeky." Yes, he is! :D

But I could just see Kav all those years ago bouncing around just like that while all the bigger boys answered questions. And then (Mini) Ben before that, and Josh and Tom before that, and you can just keep going back! Ah well...they grow up I suppose. :') lol.

Finally Eoghan just pulls Isaac's hood over his face. So now we know those backwards hoods aren't JUST for keeping food off their robes! It was a great video! And a great advertisement for them in Japan!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Libera on Japanese TV 15 July 2012

Libera will be appearing on Japanese TV BS Asahi on Sunday, July 15 at 9:00 p.m. The show is called "Trip to London: Cotswolds Classic Leisurely Journey of Two People Traveling the River Thames." It looks like 14 of the boys were filmed singing. Libera recently hit #1 in the Japanese charts. You can read the program line-up in Japanese here. The English translation is a little tough, but you can read it here. Hopefully someone in Japan will post it on YouTube for us! :D