Thursday, February 23, 2012

Loose Moose Episode 2 Trailer

The Loose Moose Show has given us an excellent teaser to Episode 2 due out in "Spring 2012." In Chicago, that would be April. Hope it's sooner than that.

Just the way this trailer starts out with the earth spinning is cool! I love the iMovie program they used to make this! The whole thing looks like it's for an action movie. :D 

I'm cracking up from the opening clip of them all in their double hoodies looking "gangster" against the wall! lol!

You have seen comedy...

What on earth is the clip with Jonathan hacking at the plant?! There's an orange tied to the vine (that obviously isn't suppposed to be there) and some random doll carriage tied up by a string! Our best guess is that he's doing a skit making fun of the cooking/gardening shows on TV. The clip later on with him in a chef's hat is some evidence to that. Maybe he's harvesting his own cooking ingredients.

And Liam holding the guitar with the word HELP on the back while candles burn in front of him? What on the earth?! lol

But you will never see comedy like this.

The next two clips...I have no idea. Jonathan in a masquerade mask and chef's hat (which we later see says "Thank you from 'Epic' Chefs") and then running awkwardly down a hill while someone reads a newspaper nearby? I don't even have a guess.

This spring...

Josh with the eye patch and magnifying glass for the other eye is hysterical!

Loose Moose brings you...

Jonathan has quite the mischievous smile in that chef's hat. :) And we catch our only glimpse of Sam.

An entirely new episode...

What?! Josh with some little girl's pink backpack on and an apron and a wig hiking toward a trampoline in someone's backyard. Can't wait for this one!

With a new slant on comedy.

Back-pack-and-wig-Josh, more cooking, and then the four of them arguing about some piece of "art" that Josh is holding. Is it a clue? Are they thieves?

And then a clip of them breaking a branch off of a tree!!! That's gotta hurt! I don't think that was supposed to happen. lol Love how Jonathan keeps hanging on longer than Josh and Alex. :)

Can't wait, boys! This is going to be great! Hope the release date is soon! Will you be walking the red carpet for the premier? :D

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Send a Message to Libera!

Here's an invitation to Libera fans worldwide! The Libera (Singapore) Facebook page is organizing a way for you to send a message from you to Libera! It's your chance to show Libera some love and tell them what they mean to you!

You can send your message in writing or in the form of a video of 1 minute or less. All the messages will be put on a DVD and given as a gift to the boys when they go to Singapore. The organizers have a few instructions:

1. Make your message to all of the Libera boys, not individual ones, so that no one feels left out. Remember there will probably be some newbies on the tour, too. :)

2. Don't include your personal information like address, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, Skype names, etc.

3. They would like any videos to be sent in m4v.file format, but wmv. and other similar formats are OK also. They will send you an e-mail back to let you know if it works or not.

E-mail your message to by February 29, 2012. You can also contact them by e-mail with any questions.

British Council in Singapore Supports Libera Concert

Libera just posted on their web site,

"Preparations for our Spring Tour moved up a gear yesterday when the British Council in Singapore sent out a mail shot supporting our concerts in the Esplanade Theatre on 6th and 7th April. We are absolutely thrilled to receive this kind of support and look forward to saying thank you when we come to Singapore."

To see the very nice letter that the British Council in Singapore sent out, click here.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Japan Commemorative Edition Album

Update: February 17, 2012

The album cover has been released! I love it! More angels floating in the clouds! Japan always has such beautiful covers! :D

February 9, 2012

EMI Japan has posted the song list for the Japan Commemorative Edition Album being released on March 14, 2012. This is a greatest hits album commemorating Libera's concerts in Japan in April 2012. Thank you to Patrick for the link and the English translation on the Libera-Passion French forum! :)

There's no way to know yet if all of the songs are old recordings or if some are new versions. Also, this may be part or all of the song list they'll sing for the Spring Tour to Singapore and Japan! If so, Orinoco Flow!!!! Plus Libera may have an extra surprise song or two for the concert. Maybe for the encore. :D

1.   Jubilate
2.   Libera
3.   Song of Life
4.   Sanctissima
5.   Sanctus
6.   I Vow To Thee My Country
7.   Eternal Light
8.   Salva Me
9.   Do Not Stand At My Grave and Weep
10. Exultate
11. Orinoco Flow
12. Gloria
13. The Fountain
14. Stay With Me
15. Ave Verum
16. Far Away
17. How Shall I Sing That Majesty

You can pre-order the album from these sites in Japan.

Amazon Japan             2,000 Yen

CDJapan                      2,000 Yen

Joshin                          2,000 Yen

Rakuten                       2,000 Yen 

Tower Records JP      2,000 Yen

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Libera's Valentines Video to Japan

Libera made a Valentines Day video for Japan! It's so cute! Lucky Japan! And oh my goodness, so many newbies! I count 4! How many do you see? I see:

Barney: Hello. We're Libera, and we're here to wish you a very, merry Valentine's Day.

Jude: Konnichiwa (that means "hello" in Japanese) and happy Valentine's Day.

Jude with newbie 1 to the left

Nano Ben: Konnichiwa

newbie 1: Hello, Japan.

newbie 1

Michael: Hi, Japan. (He's so cute waving like crazy!)

Isaac: Konnichiwa. Happy Valentine's Day, Japan.

Ciaran: Hello, Japan.

Jude again: Konnichiwa. (I love the way he says this!)

Jakub: Hi.

newbie 2: Happy Valentine's Day.

newbie 3 and newbie 2

newbie 3: Hi, Japan.

Matthew J, newbie 4, Eoghan, newbie 3

Dylan: Hi. Happy Valentine's Day. Hope you find someone special. (Love this!)

Eoghan: Happy Valentine's Day, Japan. Have a really, really fantastic day. (All while struggling to get his hoodie on! lol)


newbie 4: Happy Valentine's.

newbie 4

Matthew J: We love you!

Matthew M: Hi, Japan.

Henry, in the funniest voice ever: Hello! Happy Valentine's. (starts to play the piano.) I don't know a Valentine's song. I'm sorry.

Henry - so funny!

Matthew R-A: We love you guys.

Carlos: Happy Valentine's Day.

Stefan: Hi, guys!

Ralph: Hello, Japan. (Aaaaah! Does Ralph's voice sound unusually low?! I hope it's just a cold. :/ )

Jakob: Have a great day.

I've got to run to school! Ah! Happy Valentines Day everyone! :D ♥♥♥

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Stefan Leadbeater on TV Show "VIP"

Congratulations to Stefan Leadbeater! According to his school newsletter, Stefan successfully auditioned for a new comedy sketch show called "VIP" on UK TV Channel 4. He will be filming during half-term. The show stars Morgana Robinson and Terry Mynott. It will be airing in early Spring 2012. You can see one of the sketches here. Hope we will be able to see the parts that he's in! Thanks to Yuki for the school link. :D

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Cassius & Barney Video to Singapore

If you go to the Facebook fan page Libera (Singapore), you can see a new video made by Cassius and Barney. It's very short, but they say they are excited about the Singapore concerts in April. View the video here.

Cassius: Hello! We're Libera.

Barney: And we're really excited about coming to see you in Singapore.

Cassius: We look forward to singing at the Esplanade Theatre.

Barney: Hope to see you there.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Japan Promo Videos

Short video.

Long video.

Libera has released promo videos for the Japan concerts. The short and long versions are the same as the Singapore videos, but I have more cute pictures to post! There's a lot of great footage from the US tour in here that we haven't seen! 

I love the clips of them swinging on the swings and rocking in the rocking chairs at Cracker Barrel! The signing videos are great and I love all the screaming girls as they walk in! :) Jude and Cassius look really cute in that astronaut suit! haha! The video of Josh and Jonathan (and later all of them) doing the Filipino dance is really fun! Beautiful picture on the beach! It doesn't even look real! Stefan is so cute too! Love him so much!  Great promo for Libera! Shows the concerts and how the boys are behind the scenes! :)

Remember, you can share these videos or e-mail them to let other people know about the concerts, especially people in Asia.

Nano Ben


Ralph & Jakob outside Cathedral of St. Paul

Barney & Luke outside St. Paul

After Frisco church service or concert

St. Louis concert

Awesome swing set!

The rocking chairs at Cracker Barrel

Manila Mall M&G - I see Yuki & Mummy-san at table! :D

Manila Mall M&G - is that Lala & Yumiko?

Spaceman Cassius at Chicago Museum of Science & Industry

Filipino dance

Filipino dance

Stefan dancing at Cebu arrival!

At ASAP Rocks show in Philippines

Frisco Sunday church service

Thanks again, Libera! :D