Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Libera's Valentines Video to Japan

Libera made a Valentines Day video for Japan! It's so cute! Lucky Japan! And oh my goodness, so many newbies! I count 4! How many do you see? I see:

Barney: Hello. We're Libera, and we're here to wish you a very, merry Valentine's Day.

Jude: Konnichiwa (that means "hello" in Japanese) and happy Valentine's Day.

Jude with newbie 1 to the left

Nano Ben: Konnichiwa

newbie 1: Hello, Japan.

newbie 1

Michael: Hi, Japan. (He's so cute waving like crazy!)

Isaac: Konnichiwa. Happy Valentine's Day, Japan.

Ciaran: Hello, Japan.

Jude again: Konnichiwa. (I love the way he says this!)

Jakub: Hi.

newbie 2: Happy Valentine's Day.

newbie 3 and newbie 2

newbie 3: Hi, Japan.

Matthew J, newbie 4, Eoghan, newbie 3

Dylan: Hi. Happy Valentine's Day. Hope you find someone special. (Love this!)

Eoghan: Happy Valentine's Day, Japan. Have a really, really fantastic day. (All while struggling to get his hoodie on! lol)


newbie 4: Happy Valentine's.

newbie 4

Matthew J: We love you!

Matthew M: Hi, Japan.

Henry, in the funniest voice ever: Hello! Happy Valentine's. (starts to play the piano.) I don't know a Valentine's song. I'm sorry.

Henry - so funny!

Matthew R-A: We love you guys.

Carlos: Happy Valentine's Day.

Stefan: Hi, guys!

Ralph: Hello, Japan. (Aaaaah! Does Ralph's voice sound unusually low?! I hope it's just a cold. :/ )

Jakob: Have a great day.

I've got to run to school! Ah! Happy Valentines Day everyone! :D ♥♥♥


  1. Jude is so cute!!! I also love Henry's voice and performance but I don't really know any Valentine's song too... And Eoghan is fighting not only with the hood but also with his spectacles; Barney and Eoghan are always great and also Stefan for sure! Thanks Libera for this video and thank you mini-angels for posting it.

  2. newbie 1 is the menezes, and he is related to the madine/leggett/wood tree