Thursday, February 2, 2012

Japan Promo Videos

Short video.

Long video.

Libera has released promo videos for the Japan concerts. The short and long versions are the same as the Singapore videos, but I have more cute pictures to post! There's a lot of great footage from the US tour in here that we haven't seen! 

I love the clips of them swinging on the swings and rocking in the rocking chairs at Cracker Barrel! The signing videos are great and I love all the screaming girls as they walk in! :) Jude and Cassius look really cute in that astronaut suit! haha! The video of Josh and Jonathan (and later all of them) doing the Filipino dance is really fun! Beautiful picture on the beach! It doesn't even look real! Stefan is so cute too! Love him so much!  Great promo for Libera! Shows the concerts and how the boys are behind the scenes! :)

Remember, you can share these videos or e-mail them to let other people know about the concerts, especially people in Asia.

Nano Ben


Ralph & Jakob outside Cathedral of St. Paul

Barney & Luke outside St. Paul

After Frisco church service or concert

St. Louis concert

Awesome swing set!

The rocking chairs at Cracker Barrel

Manila Mall M&G - I see Yuki & Mummy-san at table! :D

Manila Mall M&G - is that Lala & Yumiko?

Spaceman Cassius at Chicago Museum of Science & Industry

Filipino dance

Filipino dance

Stefan dancing at Cebu arrival!

At ASAP Rocks show in Philippines

Frisco Sunday church service

Thanks again, Libera! :D


  1. Come to Moscow,Pleeeaaaase!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi, Anon! I'm sure Libera would love that! Would be an awesome tour! :D