Thursday, February 23, 2012

Loose Moose Episode 2 Trailer

The Loose Moose Show has given us an excellent teaser to Episode 2 due out in "Spring 2012." In Chicago, that would be April. Hope it's sooner than that.

Just the way this trailer starts out with the earth spinning is cool! I love the iMovie program they used to make this! The whole thing looks like it's for an action movie. :D 

I'm cracking up from the opening clip of them all in their double hoodies looking "gangster" against the wall! lol!

You have seen comedy...

What on earth is the clip with Jonathan hacking at the plant?! There's an orange tied to the vine (that obviously isn't suppposed to be there) and some random doll carriage tied up by a string! Our best guess is that he's doing a skit making fun of the cooking/gardening shows on TV. The clip later on with him in a chef's hat is some evidence to that. Maybe he's harvesting his own cooking ingredients.

And Liam holding the guitar with the word HELP on the back while candles burn in front of him? What on the earth?! lol

But you will never see comedy like this.

The next two clips...I have no idea. Jonathan in a masquerade mask and chef's hat (which we later see says "Thank you from 'Epic' Chefs") and then running awkwardly down a hill while someone reads a newspaper nearby? I don't even have a guess.

This spring...

Josh with the eye patch and magnifying glass for the other eye is hysterical!

Loose Moose brings you...

Jonathan has quite the mischievous smile in that chef's hat. :) And we catch our only glimpse of Sam.

An entirely new episode...

What?! Josh with some little girl's pink backpack on and an apron and a wig hiking toward a trampoline in someone's backyard. Can't wait for this one!

With a new slant on comedy.

Back-pack-and-wig-Josh, more cooking, and then the four of them arguing about some piece of "art" that Josh is holding. Is it a clue? Are they thieves?

And then a clip of them breaking a branch off of a tree!!! That's gotta hurt! I don't think that was supposed to happen. lol Love how Jonathan keeps hanging on longer than Josh and Alex. :)

Can't wait, boys! This is going to be great! Hope the release date is soon! Will you be walking the red carpet for the premier? :D

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