Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Libera Tour Blog - Wonderful Washington Part 1

Libera at Sandy Cove

Hi, everyone! This is Lexi's mom, Lauren. Lexi is at university and a bit "under the weather" right now. Actually, she went to the doctor for a respiratory infection and fever. The nurse gave her a shot and left the room; Lexi passed out and got a concussion. She is taking it easy. Well, as easy as you can when you have quizzes and papers to write for school. But that's the explanation for why I'll be writing the next few blog posts. I usually do write the boring posts like concert venue information. Now that I've made this one boring as well, let's make it exciting and get to Libera. :)

First, isn't it cute how Libera alliterates their blog titles? Wonderful Washington, Phancy Philippines, Interesting Ireland, Kool Korea, Terrific Taiwan, Joyful Japan, Shiny Singapore. Guess they didn't know what to do with Jersey and Guernsey. lol

Whoever wrote this particular blog installment is a fabulous writer. Would they like to come and guest-author this blog also? Please? :) 

We find out that all 31 boys were mic'd for the concert instead of just the main soloists. Weren't there 30 choristers listed on the program? Yes, but don't forget that Josh Madine left the piano and sang with the choir for 2 songs, so 31 microphones! :D These were the mics that come up the back of their neck to the top of their head and down to right above the forehead. The mics get covered up by their hair. Or they are supposed to... The writer explains that everyone was mic'd because the Basilica has so much echo.

After getting packed and flying to the USA, they met up with their coach (bus) driver, Shaun. We met him, and what a nice, fun, funny guy he is. BEST BUS DRIVER EVER! (No offense to the other bus drivers they've had.) ;) They should have him drive them all the time.

Camden, Lucas, Isaac, Matthew M, Michael M, Timothy, Tom, Matthew J, Ben, Alessandro
And that is Shaun the bus driver in the back ground! :D

They spent their first week having morning rehearsals. We fans sure do appreciate all the time they spent doing that, because the resulting concerts showed that practice makes perfect! The author writes, "knowing this show would be filmed and televised brought a little extra pressure on us...However, seeing as this DVD was going to be documented for life, we didn’t mind putting a little extra work in..." Who does that remind you of? Do you remember in their Christmas in Ireland DVD when Alessandro says, "I'm not very nervous. It's just exciting. A bit scared, because it's going to be burned on a DVD for the rest of my life." The way he said that was so funny. Like he was resigning himself to whatever happens, good or bad, will be forever recorded on a DVD for his entire life. lol I wonder if Alessandro is our author. Hmmm.

Sandy Cove

After rehearsals, they went to a really great place called Sandy Cove. It has everything fun to do and fabulous food. I don't know about you, but I wish there was video of them playing "Gaga," having crazy diving contests, and playing silent soccer (how's that for alliteration)! I had never heard of Gaga or Ga-Ga. Sounds like a job for Google. Here's a video of the Ga-Ga game. 

It says it's a type of dodge ball from Israel. Lots of people can play at the same time. Get hit by the ball below the knee and you're out. If the ball goes out of the play area, the last person who touched it is out. The last player left is the winner. Looks fun!

Bertie & Matthew M kayaking

Alex G on the swings

Timothy and Tom swimming

Gabe squirting Ciaran? lol

There were lots of other activities, and I love that they got to play with other kids. I also love when they celebrate the boys' birthdays while away from home. We know Lucas's birthday is the first week of August. Now we know he turned 12! There are also 12 curly candles off to the side that have already been used. Could this be for Ciaran's birthday? He turned 12 on August 4. Happy birthday, guys!

Ready for a party!

After a fun week, it was time to go to Washington DC for the filming concerts. We shall read about that when Part 2 comes out. Can't wait. Thanks to our anonymous author for the great blog post. Be watching for official pictures from the tour to be coming out soon also! :D