Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Just a Thought

Is anyone going to any of Libera's Autumn concerts in the UK?  Most of us expected Libera's Autumn Tour to be in the Philippines to promote their CD + DVD coming out. What a surprise to find out they are staying in the UK. It could be because of money, but it also could be in response to the requests of so many in their home country and closer European countries to please have concerts in the UK. I know there are people going from England, Ireland, France, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, US, Latvia and Italy. Anywhere else?  :D  Edit: Add Qatar, Japan, Korea and  Russia to the list! Wow! Possibly Sweden, too.

Just a thought that since it's in the UK, all the little newbies could be there! They don't have to travel outside the country, so their parents wouldn't worry about them as much, and there's very little extra expense to take all 40 or so kids to UK concerts instead of 21-23 kids. These concerts could then mean some really exciting changes in the Spring. Some of the little ones may end up having more confidence and better stage presence than anyone expected. I still want all the older boys to be there, but it sure would be great to see some of the little ones.

Some have speculated that Libera may be coming to the US again in the Spring because they could still travel on their visas from the summer which were very expensive. All the Summer tour kids already have visas. Would they be willing and able to pay for visas for any of the little ones? Can't wait to find out!

Libera posted a video on YouTube for their UK Autumn Tour:

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

UK Concerts Coming!

Libera posted on their blog:

We are really excited to be able to announce some UK Concert dates!


■Date: Wednesday 27th October

■Place: Clifton Cathedral

■Time: 7.30 pm

■Tickets: £10, £15, £25  Via Ticketweb or call 08444 77 1000


■Date: Friday 29th October

■Place: Chester Cathedral

■Time: 7.30 pm

■Tickets:  £10, £15, £25  Via Ticketweb or call 08444 77 1000


■Date: Friday 19th November

■Place: St George’s Cathedral, Southwark

■Time: 7.30pm

■Tickets:  £10, £15, £25  Via Ticketweb or call 08444 77 1000

Beverley *NEW*

■Date: Saturday 20th November

■Place: Beverley Minster

■Time: 7.30pm

■Tickets: £7.50, £15, £25 Via Ticketweb or call 08444 77 1000


■Date: 18th March 2011

■Place: Epsom Playhouse

■Time: 7.45

■Tickets: Tickets are available from the theatre.  http://www.epsomplayhouse.co.uk/.

This is very exciting news for UK and European fans! Notice the Epsom concert ad says "PRIOR TO US TOUR."  Does that mean that Libera is returning to the US in the Spring?!!!!!!  :D

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Peace CD + DVD

EMI Classics is scheduled to release a Limited Edition Deluxe Peace CD + DVD. This would make an awesome Christmas gift!!! *hint, hint*   :)  The release dates are:

      Japan - November 1, 2010
      UK - November 22, 2010
      USA - December 7, 2010

CD - the original 13 songs from Peace + 5 bonus tracks -
       1.  Lullabye (Good Night, My Angel) written by Billy Joel
       2.  Going Home (Video Version)
       3.  Eternal Light
       4.  Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
       5.  Silent Night

       1.  Time  (currently on YouTube)
       2.  Deep Peace  (currently on YouTube)
       3.  Lullabye  (new one currently on YouTube)
       4.  Going Home (may be new since Libera says 3 will be new)
       5.  Libera (may be new since Libera says 3 will be new)
       6.  Other off-shot  ???
       7.  EPK (Electronic Press Kit) Promotional Video

18-month desk calendar for January 2011-June 2012  (Love this!)

Fold-out Libera poster

A behind-the-scenes featurette  (Would this have anything to do with the cameras seen at each US concert?)

To pre-order, may I suggest you first try going through Libera's shopping site http://www.facebook.com/OfficialLibera?v=app_10442206389. As I understand it, they get a commission from the sale when you go through their site.

It is also available for PRE-ORDER on the HMV Japan site. Click on "English" in the upper right hand corner if you need a translation - http://www.hmv.co.jp/en/product/detail/3896000

or at the Space 1999 Records Italian site - http://www.space1999records.com/en/details/album-3_116314.htm.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Song, New Video!

Libera posted on their Facebook page on Saturday:

We've been out filming a new promo video for a brand new song.

They also posted two photos.

Cool pic! Looks like Daniel, Ralph, Stefan, Ben and Josh. Per Fan de LoK this was taken at Primrose Hill.

Jonathan, Liam, Sam, Ben, Jakob, James T., Carlos, Sammy, Cassius, Kavana, Freddie, Stefan, Henry, Matthew R-A, Ralph, Luke, Matthew J., Daniel, Josh, Alex and Tiarnan. No Mini-James? Fan de LoK says this is a bridge in Chiswick House Gardens, West London. This is a really good picture! It looks like Stefan is the soloist. Can't wait to hear the song! I'm curious to know what song it will be since it's NEW!  :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Atlanta Slideshow

Finally, we finished the slideshow of the Atlanta concert!  Thank you to Jimmy in Japan for his photos. I combined them with mine, so it's a very long slideshow.  Had to use 2 songs for the background music!  This concert was so amazing! And the Meet and Greet was so much fun! What great memories! I'm so glad I got to go!

I noticed that Jakob managed to be in my video thumbnails for the 1st two videos. But Ralph is appropriately the thumbnail or picture for this one since it was 2 days before his birthday. You can see him holding an early birthday present that he got. Not sure who gave it to him...maybe Jimmy and his wife?  :)