Friday, October 11, 2013

Preview of Libera DVD "Angels Sing - Christmas In Ireland"

Aaahhh! It's beautiful! Libera just released a preview of their new DVD "Angels Sing - Christmas In Ireland!" There's behind the scenes parts, too! And could they be any cuter?!!! Love them dancing around with their hoods up! So funny!

It starts with Ciaran, Cassius, Michael and little Gabe telling us that they're in Armagh to film a Christmas concert... but it's the middle of summer!

We get to see parts of the songs that they sang in the concert. Everything looks so pretty! Then we see scenes from their visits to other countries.

I love how Tom gets his hair fluffed up with hair gel and says, "Does my hair look normal?" lol.

Then we hear the very end of Danny Boy with Isaac. Wait til you hear his solo on the first verse! That's reason right there to buy the DVD!

Back to wise little Gabe who is what, 8 years old? He acts very grown up. Probably from having 2 older brothers. He says, "Being filmed does make me nervous. Once you get used to it, and you've done like 1 or 2, then you start like, 'Aw, this is going to be easy.'" Soooo cute!!!!!

But here comes my favorite line so far... from Alessandro! "I'm not very nervous. It's just exciting. A bit scared, because it's going to be burned on a DVD for the rest of my life." Yep! And seen by millions around the world. (don't forget, it's on PBS in the US) No worries, Alessandro! You did a great job! :D

Then we see Cassius again with his hair a bit messed up probably from the microphones that go through their hair to their forehead. "The experience is amazing, cause most like 12-year-olds, or 8-year-olds even, don't do this kind of thing." He always says it just right!

It looks like it's going to be a beautiful DVD! Can't wait to get it! You can order it here. Watch for it on your local PBS station, too! It should air in most places Thanksgiving weekend. Love you, Libera! :D

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