Thursday, October 31, 2013

Cebu Concert

The Cebu concert just ended! Sounds like it was a great success! The church was packed with about 1000 people! Libera tweeted that Orinoco Flow got the "biggest roar of the night. So far..." That wouldn't be because "Cebu" is actually IN the song, would it? lol.

Bayan Ko was quite popular, and fans said "The Moon" and "Carol of the Bells" were, too. Isaac sang "Hymn to Mary" again, but they did not sing "Voca Me." Found out that Ciaran sang the solo on "Dies Irae."

There were no DVD's for sale because they sold out! Wow! There also was no M&G afterwards perhaps because there was no place to hold it (unless they wanted to have it outside like St. Louis 2010 :D - but it was raining in Cebu) or it was too late and the boys were tired.

Sounds like it was an awesome concert! Congratulations to the fans who got to go! :D

Church during the daytime - photo by Milet

Church with sign for Libera concert - photo by Milet

Inside church during the daytime - photo by Milet

Fans waiting to enter. Doors opened 30 minutes before - photo by Winx

Stage setup before the concert - photo by Milet

Stage - photo by Adele

                                                           Waving goodbye to the crowd - video by Winx

Stay tuned for more!

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