Saturday, October 19, 2013

Libera Philippines Advertising

This is the TV commercial that is currently playing for Libera's concerts in the Philippines!

Another Libera fan from the Philippines named Milet shared a picture of a Libera ad in her newspaper! This is great! Hope lots of people get to go to the Manila & Cebu concerts!

There's an article about Libera at an online site called It tells how Cebu just had an earthquake that killed many people and destroyed some of the old churches. It says that organizers "expect the boys' choir to provide a musical balm to the physical and psychological scars of the Visayans." I hope so, too!

It also says that the Philippine concerts "are part of a broader Asian tour, 'Libera, Asia's Best-Loved Boys' Choir,' that will also take them to Japan and South Korea." So is this a hint of future concerts in Japan and South Korea?! I wonder when those will be? :D


  1. Hi Lexi Love your blog! I don't know if you will see this beause I cannot find a way to contact you but I do have some info about Lovely Tom Cully to share. He does not go by Tom anymore he is now Jamie Issac if you look him up on youtube he has an official Youtube and the songs and music videos he has are amazing. he apparentl prefers to be called Jamie. He has an EP out to that you can purchase. Not many people realize that it is him. Just thought I would share the news since we all thought he dropped off the earth :)

  2. Hi, JSmith! Yep, I know all about it. I'm just not reporting about it here on the blog anymore cause he wants to be separate from Libera. It's great that you follow him, though. Isn't his first music video so good?! Hope he makes it big! :D