Sunday, October 20, 2013

Gifts for Libera Boys

Gifts I got them for Taiwan tour

Here's a heads-up to anyone going to a Libera concert. Libera's web site has a section called "Frequently Asked Questions." It answers things like why you can't find Libera albums in every country (but you can still order online) and whether or not you can buy the sheet music to their songs.

But I never noticed this one section before - Gifts. It says

When we are on tour we find supporters like to give gifts to the boys. This is a lovely thought and the boys are always delighted to receive them. But some gifts are not suitable. When we are on tour we have very strict aircraft baggage allowances and getting large items home safely is challenging.

Increasingly we have to be aware of food allergies and when we are overseas we can not be sure what ingredients food and sweets may contain.  So we ask supporters:
  • please do not give sweets and other foodstuffs
  • please do not give large items
My mom and I like to buy gifts for the boys to give to them at the concerts. It makes them really happy! I always get one gift for each boy and give the same thing to each of them so that no one gets their feelings hurt. I usually have a big bag to put them in, and either I or my mom hand it to a chaperone during a Meet & Greet or after a concert. I didn't realize that so many of the boys have food allergies, though. During the Taiwan concerts, the staff told my mom that because of their allergies, they can't risk giving the boys candy or food gifts anymore. My gifts are never big, but I can imagine that getting 40 of anything would take up a lot of room in the suitcases. So it makes sense to give gifts that are smaller. Guess I won't be getting them those Mexican sombreros! lol.

So if you're going to see them in the Philippines or London, remember no food, keep it small, and try not to leave any boys out. :)

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