Thursday, October 31, 2013

Cebu M&G Videos

This was a really great M&G because the hostess interviewed the boys. First up is group 1.

Isaac says he is 10 and has been singing in the choir for 4 years since he was 7. It's Michael's first time in the Philippines and he says it's amazing! Alessandro (Allez) says "It's really inspirational when so many people come to see us. 

Love the fans screaming for Carlos! And he's been to the Philippines 4 times! He's been to Cebu 3 times and says "It's just different from other places around the world, and more fans... it's amazing." Alex Gula says he's 8 and has been in the choir for about 1 year. He says Cebu is "Amazing." Kuba says "hi" to the fans and that he's excited to do a concert in Cebu.

Next up is group 2. On the screen behind them you can see photos, some we've never seen. There was a dinner hosted by ACCM!

Lucas says it's his first time in the Philippines and he just really loves it there so, so much. Marc - "My name is Marc, and it's really nice to be here." Anthony - "My name is Anthony, and it's very nice to meet you all." Henry says it's great to be there for the 4th time! 

Gabe - "My name is Gabriel, and it's good to see you all." Ciaran - "My name is Ciaran, and my first tour was here 2 years ago, so it's really nice to be back." Tom said, "Hi. I'm Tom. This is my second time. The first I was a boy, but now I'm much older." Ahahaha! Jude - "Hi, I'm Jude. This is my second time here. It's a pleasure to see every single one of you. Thank you." :D

Ben says it's his second time to be there, and it's great to be back. Cassius says it's great to be back. Eoghan - "Hi, I'm Eoghan. It's really great to be back in Cebu, cause we always get such great support from you guys." Kavana says it's good to be back in Cebu.

The hostess asks who is 8, and Gabriel raises his hand. She says, "What's your name again?" and he says, "Um, it was good to be here for the first time." So cute! :D "How do you feel about seeing your Filipino fans?" Gabe says, "It feels good." He says he was 8 when he started singing. Fast learner! It helps that he has 2 older brothers in the choir to help him along. :D


  1. Hi Lexi! If I'm not mistaken, the background video was shown at PICC while waiting for the concert to start. I wanted to record it but didn't have time as the program started. Anyway, that video was played with Orinoco Flow as background music :-) Some of the pictures, I believe, were taken during this trip. - Rochelle

  2. Cool! Thanks for the information, Rochelle! It's so nice to have people at the concerts and M&G's to keep all of us informed! :D