Friday, November 1, 2013

Manila M&G Pics from Milet

Milet is from the Philippines. For her 30th wedding anniversary, she and her husband went to the Manila and Cebu concerts! She took her family to the Manila M&G first and shared some awesome pictures with everyone! Thank you and happy anniversary, Milet!

Please remember to credit the photographer if you copy any pictures.

Roberto de Ocampo & the ribbon-cutting for new DVD/CD

Group #1 getting seated

 Group #1 ready to go!

Jude taking the mic from Tom to introduce himself.

Marc ready to sign

Henry & Anthony

Cassius, Ben, Jude, Tom

Gabe Collins

Jude, Tom, Ciarnan, Gabe

Ben getting his picture taken


Kavana & Eoghan

Matthew Madine & group #2 signing CD's & posters

 Isaac & Michael Menezes


Sam & Alessandro

Alex Gula, Matthew J & Carlos

Kuba, Matthew R-A, Alex Montoro

Kuba & Matthew R-A

A Loose Moose! Josh came out to say "hi" & sign a few autographs.


Thanks again, Milet! Glad you enjoyed the concerts! :D

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