Friday, November 1, 2013

Libera Blog - Phancy Philippines-Manila

Great news! The first installment of the Liblog is up! You can read the whole thing here.

On ASAP TV show

So many fun facts in this one! Fun fact 1 - Did you know that there are 7,001 islands in the Philippines? Or that it's the 3rd largest English speaking country in the world? I'm sure Filipinos know that but I didn't. Thanks, blog writer! And the boys call Mr. de Ocampo "Mr. D" cause they're young and can get away with it! lol.

Fun fact 4 - It took them 17 hours to get to Manila but they managed to sleep on the plane. I have such a hard time doing that. Glad they can so they can stay awake for their signings and concerts. And I did know this because I've seen them do it, but some of them like to change up their signature. You never know which one you're gonna get. Others like to make their signature as fast as possible. Who can blame them when they signed over 500 times after the Manila concert! lol.

Ribbon cutting at Manila M&G

And can I just say that I want to go to the Philippines and have a "Welcoming Dinner?!!" How fun would that be?! Great food, choirs, dancers, and getting to learn dances! Glad they had so much fun. Can't wait to read about more! =D

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