Saturday, November 16, 2013

Libera Blog - Phancy Philippines Part 2

Part 2 of Libera's Liblog Philippines edition is up, and you can read it here.

First of all, who is this person writing their blog? Only 2 paragraphs in and I was already cracking up. "Welcome back, dearest person..." Thank you, dearest Libera boy! lol And they go from "small talk with guests like we were twice our age" to hunting for frogs... AT THE AMBASSADOR'S HOUSE! True boys, all of them. Then back to sing for their supper. =D

Next it's on to their Manila concert. The Filipino fans are always a fun audience to sing for. They are super enthusiastic, and it makes the boys happy to sing for them. And a bit of an explanation about the unsung heroes, their second parents...their chaperones...who are sometimes actual parents! Or parents of former choir members. =) 

On to Cebu! Did you get what song the writer is talking about? I did before any of the clues! The clues are pretty funny though. And they were nearly late for their signing with fans. But have no fear! They made it in time!

Then yet a 3rd fancy dinner (or is that phancy dinner?) given for them with food, dancing and singing! They love that! Wouldn't we all love that?!!! And they are so grateful for it all.

The last line - "Stay tuned for some more information" - is quite ambiguous. What could it mean?  

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