Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fun In the Philippines

This is the space for any fun things Libera does while on tour. Not that M&G's and concerts aren't fun, of course. You know what I mean. lol.

Here's a picture from Concertus Manila of day #1. It sure looks like they are over any jet lag!

Stay tuned for more! :D


  1. It seems like they have a great time there in the Philippines, but a little sad is that Michael Ustynovych-Repa do not join this tour.
    Um... I want to ask that you said you've already booked Libera's latest album and DVD, and you must book in America. Just like what Libera's official website written that England, America, Japan, and some other countries are where you can buy libera things. But what if I live in other country( East Asia) and want to book Libera's albums?

  2. Obrigada Lexi... suas postagens aqui no blog tem sido um conforto para mim que estou tão longe. Sonho um dia assistir Libera ao vivo. Um abraço aqui no Brasil e continue postando as novidades.. estarei atenta!!!!

  3. Hi, Vivian! I'll check on that for you. Can you order from They have it. HMV Hong Kong has it also.

  4. Thank you Lexi! Your suggestions really help! My friend in Hong Kong helps me to book one, and he books his own DVD, too. Though it's his first time to listen Libera's music. Thanks again for your suggestions, and I like your blog a lot!
    Can't wait to get Libera's new DVD!

  5. That's great, Vivian! So happy for you and your friend! Good job spreading Libera's music to other people! :D