Saturday, October 26, 2013

Philippines Tour Venue Details

Updated July 25, September 7, 19, 25, October 26, 2013

Tickets for Manila are selling fast! See below! And Cebu has VIP tickets available!

Libera is going to the Philippines October 29 - November 2, 2013! While there, they will perform 2 concerts!

This is the newest concert poster. It shows the concerts being in Manila and Cebu! We now have confirmation on the location of the Cebu concert! It's a new chapel built in 2012, and it's only the 2nd Asian church Libera has ever performed a concert in!

1.  Manila
        Tuesday, October 29, 2013, 8:00 p.m.
        Plenary Hall, PICC (Philippines International Convention Center)
        CCP (Cultural Center of the Philippines) Complex, Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City
        Seating - 3,813

        Tickets - available at Ticketworld outlets or 

        10% discount with BPI card through August 31, 2013.

PICC floor plan

                                                                                    BPI Promo seat prices

Starting September 1, the ticket prices are 

                    Zone 1 - PhP 7000 ($161.76) - 11 seats left
                    Zone 2 - PhP 5000 ($115.54) -   5 seats left
                    Zone 3 - PhP 4000 ($92.43)   -  SOLD OUT
                    Zone 4 - PhP 3000 ($69.32)   - 69 seats left
                    Zone 5 - PhP 2500 ($57.77)   - 58 seats left
                    Zone 6 - PhP 2000 ($46.22)   -   2 seats left
                    Zone 7 - PhP 1500 ($34.66)   - 45 seats left
                    Zone 8 - PhP   800 ($18.49)   - 97 seats left
                    Zone 9 - PhP   500 ($11.62)  - 165 seats left

2. Cebu
        Thursday, October 31, 2013, 8:00 p.m.
        Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod
        SM Seaside Complex at South Road Properties, Cebu City 
        Seating - 803

        Tickets available from or Cebu Arts Council 
          E-mail -
          Phone - (63-32)233-0452 or 0917-328-7917

        Prices -
                   Zone 1 - PhP 1,500 ($35.87)
                   Zone 2 - PhP    800 ($18.60)

                   VIP tickets are available from Cebu Arts Council
                   1st row   - US $290
                   2nd row  - US $150
                   Reserved - US $100                   

Stay tuned for more news! :D


  1. hello .. are there tickets for zone 1 left ??? when is their 2nd scheduled concert ?? :DD

  2. Hi, Elor! I just checked, and there ARE still seats available in Zone 1. When choosing seats, you have to select Zone 1 instead of selecting "Best Available."
    Back in 2011, Libera had a Tuesday concert in Manila and a Friday concert in Cebu, so the 2nd concert for 2013 MIGHT be in Cebu again, but there's no information about it yet. Will post when I know anything. :D

  3. hello .. :)) Thanks for the information Lexi.. :))
    Ahm, what kind of BPI card would be used in purchasing ticket?? :)
    Is it the ATM ???

    is josh coming with them?? :D

  4. i'm just curious .. :) is Zone 1 Row A and B already occupied ?? :D because everytime i check it always gives me ROW C hehehe

  5. Hi Elor! I bought tickets last Monday and saw the seat plan. Each seat in Zone 1 Row A & B has been marked i think with an 'X' (can't see well as my eyesight is poor). Not sure if it meant reserved or sold already. If you're in the Philippines, you may go to a ticketworld outlet to reserve or buy tickets. They'll show you the available seats. You may reserve seats & they'll hold it for you though not sure for how long. You may use BPI credit card to buy. Not sure with their ATM though. - Rochelle

  6. Ticketworld only shows the Manila concert as available for ticket purchases. If there is a concert in Cebu, it seems a bit strange that it is not indicated on the Ticketworld site, since they are shown as only two days apart. The poster seems to give the impression that the ticket prices would apply to both concerts. I also would have thought that those responsible for putting out the poster would have waited to issue a poster which indicated the venues for both concerts, or should have created a separate poster for each concert. Hopefully, for those intending to go, ticket information for the second concert will soon be posted. Just my "two cents worth" - I can't go, but I hope that those who can will enjoy the concert(s).

  7. Lexi, did you miss the news that the Ireland blogs and photo gallery have been posted on the official Libera page?

  8. Hi, Amie! This is Lauren. Lexi didn't miss it, she is just super busy with school. It's on her list of things to do along with the blogs from the Ireland trip that the boy(s) wrote. Thanks for the reminder! :D ~ Lauren