Monday, October 28, 2013

Manila Meet & Greet Videos

UPDATED: October 27 & 28, 2013

What an exciting day for Libera fans in the Philippines! Here are some fan videos taken at the Glorietta Meet & Greet.

First there was ribbon-cutting ceremony to launch the new CD. You can see Gabe, Tom, Ben, Jude, Ciaran, Mr. de Ocampo, Eoghan, Cassius and Kavana. Video by pepperidge5.

Next up is mrose_ritch going through the signing line to meet the first group of 12 boys.

This video is of shinarun going through the signing line with the second group of 12 boys.

Then, have no fear! He's here! Josh came out to wave to the fans and pose for pictures! Video by shinarun.

This is Yuki's video of Libera leaving the Meet & Greet.

And this is shinarun's video of Libera leaving Glorietta.

I'll post more as they go up on YouTube! :D

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