Sunday, October 27, 2013

Chorister List for Philippines Tour

Based on Libera's appearance on the ASAP Roar TV show, it looks like there are 24 boys on the Philippines tour this time. Here's their pictures to help you know who is who. :)

1.   Marc Alvares
2.   Henry Barrington
3.   Anthony Blake
4.   Ciaran Bradbury-Hickey
5.   Gabriel Collins
6.   Jude Collins
7.   Kavana Crossley
8.   Thomas Delgado-Little
9.   Dylan Duffy
10. Ben Fairman
11. Alexander Gula
12. Matthew Jansen
13. Isaac London
14. Alessandro MacKinnon-Botti
15. Matthew Madine
16. Eoghan McCarthy
17. Michael Menezes
18. Alexander Montoro
19. Kuba Niedermaier-Reed
20. Cassius O'Connell-White
21. Matthew Rangel-Alvares
22. Carlos Rodriguez
23. Sam Wiggin
24. Lucas Wood

Matthew Madine,  Carlos Rodriguez,  Dylan Duffy

Cassius O'Connell-White,  Ciaran Bradbury-Hickey,  Thomas Delgado-Little

Gabe Collins

Eoghan McCarthy,  Matthew Rangel-Alvares,  Alexander Montoro

Marc Alvares,  Ben Fairman,  Sam Wiggin

Alexander Gula,  Kuba Niedermaier-Reed,  Kavana Crossley,  Anthony Blake

Isaac London,  Alessandro MacKinnon-Botti,  Jude Collins

Lucas Wood,  Matthew Jansen,  Henry Barrington,  Michael Menezes
Hope this helps the fans getting to go to the Meet & Greets! It's always easier to meet the Libera boys when you know what name to call them. lol. Hope the boys and all the fans have a fun time with great concerts in the Philippines!!


  1. Oh no, I don't see Ralph Skan. :(

  2. There are more than two Alex or Ales named boys... still takes time to recognize every newbie. They all looks great!

  3. Hi, Anon! No, a lot of the big boys didn't go to the Philippines this time. Maybe Ralph and the others will be in London tho. :)

  4. Hi, Nelly! Yes, 2 boys named Alexander. Or maybe called Alex? And they sat next to each other at the Meet & Greet! :D