Monday, July 9, 2012

Libera on Japanese TV 15 July 2012

Libera will be appearing on Japanese TV BS Asahi on Sunday, July 15 at 9:00 p.m. The show is called "Trip to London: Cotswolds Classic Leisurely Journey of Two People Traveling the River Thames." It looks like 14 of the boys were filmed singing. Libera recently hit #1 in the Japanese charts. You can read the program line-up in Japanese here. The English translation is a little tough, but you can read it here. Hopefully someone in Japan will post it on YouTube for us! :D


  1. hi lexi & lauren - how are you? been a while since i dropped by your site. suddenly remembered libera's concerts in jersey & guernsey (oh well, 2nd of aug is my 54th b-day - proud to know they're having a concert on my natal day, hah hah).

    anyway, i've discovered a way to ease the boredom of my encoding job - and that's to open your site & listen to libera through your music videos! i stay up until around 2am & what a nice feeling to listen to libera in the quietness of the night.

    thank you & regards.

  2. Hi, Lexi and Lauren, I hope that you are well. I was watching the video from the TV show, and although this is a completely random thought, I was drawn to the musical motif that accompanied the segment in which Michael is helping Isaac with his jacket. I thought it might have been composed by Rachel Portman, who also composed the score for the film "Benny and Joon". She is a British composer. I don't know where the producers of this documentary would have gotten the music, but it could be that since the programme featured London, they could have possibly used music by British composers. This may not be the case, but it seemed that the style used here was similar to the film score. I also thought that this video illustrated how much the boys are maturing. Kavana seems to be perpetually at ease when being interviewed, and I was impressed with Josh's quiet authority. When he called the boys together to sing "Sanctus", it was evident that the younger ones do respect Josh as a leader. All chatting stopped, and they focussed on him. He has moved with grace into his new role as a mature mentor with Libera.