Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Vote For Your Favorite Libera Video

I got an e-mail from EMI Classics US today. They are running a "Music Video Voting" contest. Go to this link - http://emiclassicsus.com/liberavideovote/ and you can vote for 1 of 16 of Libera's most popular music videos. You need to be signed into Facebook to vote, but it doesn't spam your timeline or force you to "like" anything. It's just so they can make sure that everyone votes only 1 time. It's so hard to choose 1 favorite, isn't it?!!

The "Music Video Voting" is part of a campaign around the new "Song of Life: A Collection" CD that they have released in the US! It was previously only available in Japan! The CD is available through Libera's Amazon link here for $14.57! What a great Christmas gift!

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