Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Loose Moose Show Outtakes

There is one thing that is sure to happen in any video that you make with you friends, and that is OUTTAKES!!! This happens in part're doing it with your friends, so you're having a great time! As I said before, I'm impressed that they did a whole half-hour show! Each clip takes so long to do because of bloopers like these!

OK, has officially been revealed who the two worst people to put together are. Alex and Josh! They apparently crack each other up waaaayyy too much! My best friend and I are like this. And the more you laugh in the first take, the more you laugh in the second take, because you start thinking about how funny the first take was...and's all downhill from there. :)

I love the faces Josh starts making near the end when he's trying not to laugh.

The "Dressing incompetence" part is hysterical! I love how Josh fails to get the coat on Alex and then just kinda walks away WITH THE COAT like he totally didn't just do that. :) 

We move on to "Snooker incompetence" where the boys show off their mad snooker skills. lol For "Speaking incompetence" apparently Liam was making faces at Jonathan or something. I love him yelling off to the side at Liam, and then later yelling at all of them for laughing whenever he would mess up.

The random pizza guy outtakes are lol funny! How could you not crack up when you open the shower curtain and see Alex's face with that wig and hat getting a "drinky?"

Awesome pink flowered cup!

Does anyone else think that parts of these skits were ad-libbed? I think they had the basic plot down, but those lines just seemed to flow off the tops of their heads. When another character makes up something new and you find it funny, it's hard to keep a straight face.

Oh, the cars in the audio, that part was great! There's always those unforeseen things that happen, and you're like, come on, that would have been a great take! Mine usually involve kittens walking into the shot or knocking over the camera. lol.

The world's loudest scooter!

"Alex's sense of pulse" or just basic rhythm. May I suggest joining the percussion section of band? lol. And can I digress by noticing the added randomness of a doughnut maker in his room? And I think there's a little robot man by his bed post. lol.

Josh and Liam are apparently also a bad combo. The two of them just make each other laugh. I love how with each take it takes less and less time for Josh to start laughing. I am exactly like this! I'm always the one to laugh! :D 

Didn't take too long to start laughing.

A little sooner...

Wait for it...

Can't even get the door open. :D

The awkwardly long time Liam takes to fill the teacup is AWESOME! That part made me laugh so hard!

And I'm starting to notice a pattern. Who is the funniest one? You'd think that everyone else would be laughing AT Josh dressed as Mrs. Albert Smith. But HE'S the one always laughing! In most of these outtakes! Silly guy! :D

I love watching Liam's puzzled face the second time Josh starts in on his "how did you find it" answer! I also love how Josh was totally improvising the whole thing. :)

Wait...what?! There's iron bars there? :D

I feel as though I must give credit to whoever made the little animated ending! I love it!!! Great job, guys!


  1. Well what a suprise - Josh laughing his way through it [technical term = moosing around], who would have guessed? :D

  2. These boys are multi-talented. They've really thought these sketches out. As for the outtakes (or, if you prefer, "moose-ups"), the boys were quite brave and obviously confident enough to put them up on YouTube for all to see - after all, not too many teenaged boys wish to look foolish in a public forum! On watching Josh trying to put the coat on Alex, I had a random thought, that being that it may not be a good idea for Josh to become a primary school teacher as an adult. He might have trouble helping kindergarten students into their coats!! (Just kidding - I get the feeling that Josh will probably have great success with anything he undertakes to do).