Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 Video

This video was made by our friend Yuki from Japan. She is the best Libera fan and went to all of their concerts! She shows pictures and videos from the Epsom concert, 7 Canada concerts, 6 USA concerts, the London SOP Anniversary TV taping, 2 Philppines concerts, and the London concert. The part where Libera is leaving after the Chicago concert is really cute. I remember Liam, Sam and Tiarnan bouncing up and down and waving once they got on the bus. For St. Louis I like how Jude has his arms up in the air like he's a referee for US football! lol You can see Josh's dad, Mr. Madine, in the Cebu part, too! :)

This video was really fun for me because my family drove Yuki and her mum to the concerts in Canada and the US. My favorite parts (besides the Libera concerts, of course) were the Filipino restaurant in Toronto, going grocery shopping in Minneapolis, and going to the Houston Space Center. The best parts of all were hearing Libera live and meeting them and other fans. Thank you, Yuki, for making this great video!


  1. Sounds like a great video, but I couldn't get it using that link. Any special instructions? I can't wait to see it. Thanks so much for posting it.

  2. Thank you for writing about my video, Lexi!:D
    The Canada tour and US tour got to be more very exciting one, because mum & I got to join you! Yuki's tour is always longer than Libera' Spring, went to Chicago (with Lauren's Chicago sightseeing tour!) & SF after the Libera tour. Summer, went to NASA with you & Lauren! Every moment was very very fun, especially visiting your home and school was very nice experience for us! Oh yeah, going grocery shopping was also exciting! Love American grocery shop!lol Thank you for everything you had done for us! Definitely we will meet again! Love you all!!!xD

    Yuki x