Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ben See's Music Video

This is a cool new video from Ben See. He is a former member of Libera who still works for and travels with Libera. Can you tell from the video who he is? ;)

The song is called "Moment.Sound.Blur." I really like that all parts of the music are made with his own voice! Whatever technology he is using, it lets him put his own voice on top of itself like that. He shows us all the layers that he's working with. It's a cappella with a twist! And his voice is so high! I love the part where he sings harmony with himself. Ben this is such a cool video and a chatchy song! "Don't blink or you'll miss it." Great job! Shout-out to your cameraman, too. :)

Ben See is a great stage name for Ben C. Hope to hear more new music soon. You can follow him on -

Facebook - www.facebook.com/BenSeeMusic
MySpace - www.myspace.com/ben.see
YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/user/BenSeeMusic

1 comment:

  1. Amazing stuff huh! Voice is perfecion. Time to move on from your old name and all those old YT vids.
    I was waiting for him to upload it from 8pm last Tuesday - a good artist always keeps the public waiting ;) Played it on repeat all that night.