Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Loose Moose Show, Episode 1, Parts 1-3

Today is a day that will be remembered by Libera fans forever. Today the first ever episode of The Loose Moose Show was :) Sam Leggett tweeted the link today. The video stars Sam, Liam, Josh, Jonathan, and Alex doing extremely funny sketches including Alex goofing off in his room (and wearing an AWESOME Superman shirt by the way), a BBC Dr. Who episode - the budget-cut version, and an Oscars nomination announcement of most anti-climactic movies (all of which star Alex). :) And there's a lot more! (I just don't want to give it all away). The boys made an entire half-hour-long show...which is a pretty awesome me, I've made webisodes before. Making a fifteen minute show takes a few days! So sit down with a bowl of popcorn and enjoy yourself immensely for a half-hour! (Then come back and read my comments!) :)

The Loose Moose Show by TheLooseMooseShow

OK, so I didn't want to give anything away before you saw the webshow, but OH MY WORD! Was that not the funniest thing ever?!!! I think one of my favorite parts was actually the opening credits! I LOVED the music through the whole thing and I have the opening tune stuck in my head now. :D I love the camera work they did with the five of them!

The first sketch is "Things you just can't get away with #34"...which would be stealing someone's wallet and then trying to sell it back to them. lol! Josh got to be the thief and apparently got to shoot someone who appears to be Alex as he runs away. The way Jonathan just kinda pops up at the door cracks me up! Love Jonathan at the end chasing Josh down the street with what appears to be a squeegie windshield wiper of some sort. lol!

This next sketch is one of my favorites...Alex is studying in his room and gets bored so he starts dancing and lip-dubbing (or at least attempting to) this song. Love the pink blow-up guitar! Oh and once again...LOVE HIS SHIRT! :D His wall is super random by the way...there's like a Halo poster and an ancient horn and a cross and some random weapons. lol! I absolutely LOVE the ending with Sam coming in and giving Alex that face...and Alex studying like a good boy as if nothing had happened. :D 

Ahh...and then...we get what soon becomes a classic within the half-hour of the show...the "Love you" bit. This is just random times that someone says "Love you" by accident and it makes the whole thing REALLY awkward! The first is Sam (someone buying a car) saying it to Liam (the person selling him the car). This is followed by Josh (a person looking for St. Philip's church...shout-out to the Libera fans there...) saying it to Jonathan (the person giving him directions). Then we have Jonathan (the person who's house is getting repaired) saying it to Sam (the person who is repairing his house). I love Sam's costume with the yellow vest! :D So perfect! Last is Josh (the man who bought whatever-it-was) saying it to Alex (the door-to-door "charity" salesman). This bit was so funny! LOVED it! ;)

For those of you who have seen "Dr. Who", this next sketch was HYSTERICAL! For those of you who haven' was probably still funny, but I will try to clue you in on some of their Whoser jokes (that would be the name for a "Dr. Who" fan...yes the word rhymes with loser...that was the point) lol. At the beginning we are informed that BBC has been making budget cuts but "Dr. Who" will continue as before...well sort we will soon see. OK, first thing non-fans should know is that Jonathan is playing the Doctor here and Josh is playing his "companion" AKA the helpless girl he drags around with him everywhere. They start in a house "on a strange planet" before the cameras start rolling. They are filming at Jonathan's house because of the budget cuts. Josh is extremely upset that they would make budget cuts to "Dr. Who" because it's a classic on British TV...which it is. The budget is only 5 pounds 50...I have no idea what this number is in dollars...but obviously not a lot. lol Jonathan says that "everyone is trying to pitch in." And then they give the actual opening scene for Dr. Who! Along with the music and everything! :D The thing flying around is the Tardis, which is an old Police Call Box that is the Doctor's time machine.

The "sonic pen" in the video is actually supposed to be a "sonic screwdriver" which the Doctor uses to do pretty much everything, including, yes..."detect life-forms in the area". lol

My cousin's sonic screwdriver that really IS a pen! lol

This life form ends up being basically Alex in a robot mask, holding wrapping-paper tubes and standing in a garbage can...or a "Croydon Council bin" as Josh protests. Josh's face is so disgusted through this whole part, it's hysterical! So they run back to the "Tardis" which Jonathan makes "visible" with his magical "sonic pen"...and is really some random storage room under the stairs. Jonathan says that it's "smaller on the inside" which is opposite of the show where the Tardis is always as Josh says "bigger on the inside"'s like the size of a house in there! Random note...I love the picture of the handprints on the inside of the storage room door... :D So anyway, Josh quits the show with "Budget cuts! For Dr. Who! I don't think so!" And then he comes back and gets his wig. :) PS...Jonathan would make a really good Doctor. He's got it down! :D PPS...There actually were budget cuts made on Dr. Who...hence this skit. :)

The "Downloading Movies Illegally" sketch is hysterical!!! It's totally how those commercials are, too! :D bahaha! Love Jonathan's face when he "shoots" Josh. :)

The next sketch after the Love You is the "Bad news news" prank. Basically Officer Jones (played by Liam) leads Mrs. Albert Smith (played by Josh) to believe something has happened to her husband before revealing that he just came to tell her that her husband is coming home late from work. The best part is when he asks for tea and then magically pulls a teapot out of his coat and teacups appear under his hat! :D

Then we have the OSCARS!!! I love that they took actual footage from the Oscars and put it in! :D The category is "Most anti-climactic movie"...All of which star Alex as the random pizza guy that appears out of nowhere. lol! Love the wig and the Yankee's hat, too!

The next is another one of my top favorites...the old BBC broadcast about being safe! SAM LOOKS AWESOME!!! So perfect! Where on earth did he get those glasses?! And that voice!!! :D bahahaha! Love Alex, Liam, and Josh too...and their dress shirts buttoned all the way up...too good! Love how ridiculous the accidents are...getting poked in the eye with a violin bow while dancing, getting hit with the pool cue when someone wins the game, getting stabbed by a knife while trying to cut the smallest birthday cake known to man...I guess all they had in the house at that moment...and so the solution is to bundle Alex to the point that he can't move. :D

And my other top fave...Alex bugging Josh while Josh is trying to work. This is so funny cuz you wonder if this is them making fun of how they really are in real life. :D Alex playing with the comb is hysterical and being a pirate and screaming "AAARRRGG!!!" into Josh's microphone just about made us die laughing! So Alex presents Josh with his idea for a sketch they could do for the next video. It's in the future...on a planet...but the planet's not's made of spaghetti. I love Josh's line "You want me to make a planet...made of spaghetti...on a laptop?" bahaha! ALEX IS HYSTERICAL!!! The kid is so good! He's great at acting super awkward in this scene...and Josh is great at acting super ticked. :D And I love Alex's alien voice too! And the pleased look on his face when he turns on the blow-up Santa is awesome! :D Thanks for not spilling your cereal! And Josh kicks the poor Santa at the end...poor poor Santa...

The last sketch is "How to Con Simple Blokes" which is Josh convincing Liam that the path from the street to the back alley, covered in an alien bedsheet, is the gateway to Narnia. :) Josh is awesome! He sounds like a circus barker!"Gateway to Narnia! Gateway to Narnia! Step right up!" "How did you find it?!" "What can I say. It's not who you are, it's where's not who you are, it's what you've...are. Don't eat with your mouth's who you are where you find it. It's Narnia, OK?" No Mr. Tumnus, though. lol And of course, because Liam is the "simple bloke," he falls for it. "Sorry, I just can't believe that THE ACTUAL Narnia is HERE!...on the very street I live on! Croydon! It's brilliant! It's almost too good to be true!" But he only finds Jonathan with whiskers and a sign that says "Narnia" in the back alley. :)

And then we end with our epic theme music! (which is still stuck in my head through however-long-it-took-to-type-this). :) What a great job boys!!! Please make more!!! We all loved it! You are all such great actors, too! :D :D :D


  1. Well, I guess we all now know what these boys did during their Christmas holidays. I wonder if I call Domino's for a pizza if Alex will somehow magically appear at my door (hahahaha). Kicking Santa, naughty Josh, you may get coal in your stocking next year!! These fellows are so creative, and their collective sense of humour is really wacky! Again, the teacher in me cannot help but wonder if this wackiness occasionally surfaces at choir rehearsals (poor Mr. Prizeman!!). After all, at the Crystal Cathedral, Josh asserted that choir rehearsals are like a "big party all the time" (lol!)

  2. super loved the video! is the loose moose show account in youtube theirs? it doesn't have videos yet, there are 7 subscribers already so i subscribed too! this group is wildly fantastic! i hoped mini-ben and tom were there too coz i miss those two so much! <3


  3. it was great and they all did a good job acting liam is one of my favs hope they do more and should get a youtube channel

  4. this is so, so funny! these boys are so creative in more ways than one..their singing being No. 1
    we actually get to see what they look like without their signature robes. you guys rock! i subscribed to the account hoping to see more of their work and as "adiola" wrote...hope mini-ben and tom will also be appearing in future episodes.
    thank you guys! you're hilarious! I look forward to seeing more video antics.

    break a leg!

  5. Very funny, well acted, great editing and I look forward to watching part two, maybe guest staring roles for Ben and Tom too??

  6. Hello!very nice.hope you guys would stay longer in Libera 'cause your low voices give balance to the regards to all.

  7. Just so funny. So much work's gone into it.
    I'd had one of the worst Saturday nights at work - and this started off Sunday so well!
    Reading through your review I have to watch it again!

    Oh - a Doctor Who fan is a 'Whovian' by the way :)

  8. TROLLOLOL you guys are so cute !