Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Bayan Ko" - Libera on Philippine TV

Wow! Fast YouTube uploading in the Pines! Excellent! Libera sang "Bayan Ko" on a TV program called Showtime. Looks like a fun, rowdy program, but what's up with the "Parental Guidance" warning on the bottom right of the screen?

Anyway, watch for Mr. Prizeman standing on the left at 0:26. He's also directing them later.
At 0:30 you can see Steven G. & Mrs. Geraghty in the audience and Big Ben at 0:32.

I like this video because the guys are all smiling and really seem to be enjoying themselves and the audience reaction to them. It makes Freddie smile REALLY big at 1:44! You can't really see Josh until 1:58 then again at 2:49! Yea!!! Mini James is so cute in his close-up at 2:12, and Mini Ben did a great job on his solo!

Cute Kavana at 3:25, and he did a great job of speaking at the end. It seems like the older guys are trying to let the younger ones do some of the talking, too. Super nice of them.

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