Friday, April 9, 2010

Pics From Japan Tour 2010

I found these pictures on 3 Japanese websites and used a translator to try to decipher the copy. Not sure of the proper order of these. Hope I got it right.

Airport Arrival

Bus ride from Narita to Tokyo Tower

Nippon Television Shop

Nippon Television Shop

Tokyo Tower Elevator

Tokyo Tower

What a view!

Cool glass floor!

Don TV Appearance

Tokyo Concert

I love the lights!

Liam at the Meet and Greet (is that Callum?)

Mini Ben always smiles

The Japanese fans seem to be so nice. And don't the boys look so happy and energetic? Wow! They don't seem to be suffering from jetlag at all. Next stop - Korea!


  1. Hi Lexi. On the 18th picture, it's not Mini Ben. I think it's Liam :)

  2. Good eye, Charmaine! Thank you so much! It shows how I really didn't know them as well back in April! lol

  3. No prob :) I didn't even knew their names either when I first saw Libera's video for the first time back in 2009.
    And yes, it really is Liam because of his hair.