Monday, April 26, 2010

Korea M&G Clip from CrediaTV

This is an awesome video of Josh and Mini Ben being interviewed while signing autographs after the Korea concert. First up is Josh.

I'm 15, and my name's Josh.

(Interviewer): How do you feel?

It's been a brilliant concert. (shakes hands) Nice meeting you. *smile, smile, smile* And we've had such an amazing time in Korea. It's a shame it's been such a short time, but I think the fans really enjoyed the concert. And it was so great to be back.

Isn't Josh truly the nicest person?! And the best public speaker ever! He graciously says he's sorry their time in Korea was so brief but that he's happy to be visiting there again. Way to acknowledge the fans who came to see you all while signing autographs AND acknowledging the person in front of you, too! Who says men can't multi-task?! Ha!

Next is Mini Ben. The interviewer must have asked him how he thought the concert went and how their tour is going.

Hello. I feel, you know, we were good. It's definitely exciting, intense and brutally invigorating. I think it's good.

Mini Ben is always so fun to watch in interviews. He's like a walking thesaurus with all the adjectives he uses to describe everything. He's always smiling, amiable and energetic. (Had to use some adjectives of my own there.)  :D

I can't get over how kind and accomodating they are to their fans. They MUST be tired after a long day then singing in a concert that night, but still they are smiling, shaking hands, signing, waving, smiling some more. Sure hope I get to meet them someday! And I hope it's soooon! Come to the US pleeease!

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  1. Hey, Lexi! J.B. is waving again!!!!!! ;) What a nice guy!!!!