Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pics From Korea Tour 2010

Korea Concert Poster

The stage before the concert

Concert photos

Some of the little ones - Cassius, Mini James, Kavana & Henry.

Wow! Cool new lighting, just as Mini Ben promised!

Freddie speaking. Love how Josh & Jonathan are laughing about something!

Like Sammy's glasses!

After the concert there was an autograph signing. The first
group had Josh, Liam, Daniel, Jakob, Kavana & Mini James. 

I like Josh's hair. Short or long, he always looks so cute!

They are so kind to be shaking hands with everyone!


Aww, poor Daniel's shirt got wrinkled. I wonder if it just
didn't get packed correctly. He looks cute anyway.

Love how you can see all the fans in the background
 holding up their cameras!

The second group had Stefan, Mini Ben, Jonathan, Sam, Ralph & Freddie.
Love how Mini Ben is always smiling!

Stefan waving with ink on his hand. Cute!

Big Ben was videotaping. He reminds me of my oldest cousin who is 6'5".
He also has cool hair, stubble, thin build and awesome clothes.

Looks like it was a great concert in Korea. Videos are easy to find on YouTube, but pictures are tough to find, especially when the concert was in a foreign country. When you don't know the language, you can use a translator or, quicker still, just go to a website and bravely click on everything. These pictures are from a Korean fan site cafe.naver.com and crediastar.com. Hope Big Ben posts pics or a video of what touristy things they got to do there.

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